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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update and a Postscript

My appointment at the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital went well yesterday with one minor blip.  Along with a bunch of X-rays taken the doctor wanted a Cat-scan of my (aching) back.  The X-rays were done right away, the Cat-scan?  I had to make an appointment.


Fortunately, there was a cancellation on the schedule, so I can get the Cat-scan late Friday afternoon.  We originally were going to hit the road midday on Friday, but now we’ll leave Saturday morning instead. 

Not a big deal, but if I didn’t take this appointment, we would be looking at later October to early November for the next opening.  I’m glad this worked out.  After this Cat-scan, I have to contact my VA rep to ensure all the paperwork is in order, there are no “T’s” to be crossed or “I’s” left to be dotted and my claim can be sent to the compensation board for a rating.  Then it’s just a matter of waiting to see what they decide.  That won’t affect our plans for our upcoming travels.  (Phew!).

Now for the Postscript:  My last post talked about testing diesel coolant for proper levels of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs).

My friend and fellow full time RVer, Steve, of Gone By RV correctly pointed out that not every diesel needs to have its coolant tested because of installed long life coolant.  Thanks, Steve!


If you are really interested in the deep down nit-and-gritty information on diesel engine coolants, has a really well written article on the subject here.

So enjoy the link, or enjoy having your eyes glaze over if detailed maintenance writing is not your forte.  ;c)

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  1. Glad the appointment for the cat scan isnt' going to delay your departure too much.

  2. Got my fingers crossed that the scan goes through without any glitches this Friday.

  3. You were really lucky to get such a quick appointment. You could have been waiting months for it. Have a great trip without any more unexpected delays!

  4. fingers crossed that the cat scan goes well!!

  5. Everything seems to be falling into place...finally. Hope you're rolling out Saturday morning just as planned.

  6. Love the cat scan hope it goes well for you.

  7. That cat-scan machine looks like it could wreck your back just trying to fit in...I'm just sayin'.

    Good luck with the VA and I hope you get a timely, favourable recommendation.

  8. Never knew exactly what a cat scan was - great educational photo!

  9. See, I was wondering about that "diesel coolant" conundrum, but I figured you had a good handle on things. (right?)
    We've had a couple diesels over the years, and I never gave the coolant a second thought.
    Keep yer chin up, and good luck with scans and funny letters and stuff.
    Being a danged ferrigner and all, please pardon my impertinence, but does VA stand for "Very Aggravating??
    Don't answer that.

  10. Boy you sure have waited a long time to get all these tests and paper work taken care of. Hope it's big compensation you may get to make it all worth while.

  11. So glad your tests are almost over with. I know I did a happy dance when I finished up with all my nonsense. But now we get to start Jim's rounds when we get back to AZ. Just seems to never end. Hope you get the results from the VA that you want with the disability issue and everything.

  12. Looks like you're finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It's about time!

  13. How did you get that cat to pose for his scan? Love it!!

  14. Yay! Like Mike said, that light at the end of the tunnel is finally showing :)

  15. Read your comment on our blog that you had sent us an email. Never got it and I can't find any email address for you.

    Try again?