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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hills, Headwinds And Hogs

It was time.  Time to leave Branson.  We decided we wanted to get an early start as we had about 850 miles to go to get to our workamping gig in South Carolina.  By Monday.

That gives us three whole days to get there, a huge amount of travel time for us.

We left at the crack of 10 am.  6 am didn’t look as inviting at 6 am as it did last night when I set the alarm clock to it.  Did I hit the SNOOZE button?  Heck no!  I hit the OFF button.  After all, I am respectfully retired and I want to make the most of it.

So we did sleep in a little longer.  And enjoyed every minute of it.

I needed it, too. Because last night we went to a show that took every fiber of my being, every last ounce of my strength, to sit through.  Unbeknownst to me and my bonnie bride, the show wasn’t the play we thought it would be.  Not by a long shot.  It turned out to be….


It was one of those times I’m glad my watch has a light up dial so I could see how many more minutes of suffering I had left to endure.  I’m sure I was suffering more than those guys hopping around on the stage in tights…

What show was it?  I’m not telling because they may have actually captured my face on their security cameras around the building.  I don’t  want to give Rick any ideas of hacking into the hard drives at the show and plastering my face all over the Internet where I can be laughed at in perpetuity.

Away we rolled.  The Journey ran well but we were faced with over 130 miles of steep, Ozark hills and curvy roads, decorated with struggling 18 wheelers that slowed us down even more.  And what would our travels be without the ubiquitous and ever present Headwind?

That distance would normally take us about two hours.  With the hills, the headwinds and the trucks, it took quite a bit over three hours.  Not a great start for a PDD driving day.

Once we conquered the hills, we ended up on some more normal highways in Arkansas where we just had to deal with the headwinds, the 18 wheelers blew right by us.  We just enjoyed the ride.

We called it a day and stopped at a Walmart in Fulton, MS.  420 miles down.  Not too shabby despite all the challenges.  We also got to see that we are not the only ones out on the highways enjoying life.  Check out these folks on this hog (Harley).


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  1. The crack of 10:00 AM is actually pretty good, considering the fact that our normal departure is at the crack of noon. :-)

  2. I laughed out loud reading about you looking at your watch at the ballet and not wanting to say the name of the show because you were filmed on the security cameras. I happen to love ballet, but have never been to one with my DH.

    Leaving at 10 am with those challenges on the road and still doing 420 miles is impressive. Our longest day in over two years was 480 miles and that was a fluke.

    I also like you turning off the alarm. So many times we have ambitious intentions that just don't match our mood the next day and it is divine to be able to simply change our minds.

  3. I would have thought you were a real ballet type guy:)

  4. Forget that is only for people with a goal in mind. I soooo love the sign. Where can we get one.

  5. Sounds like Murphy might have helped you pick out your route east. I didn't send him there. Really I didn't! I'm surprised you sat all the way through the ballet and endured that painful experience. You know the door swings both ways.

  6. We like a later departure too. And don't mind 300+ drives.

  7. You can be glad the ballet was not one of those shows where they grab someone out of the audience and make them dance onstage. I'm sure you would have been chosen and dragged kicking and screaming to the stage. Wow, what an image...

  8. Still a good day at 420 miles, would probably take us two days to do that. Enjoy the scenery along the way as well.
    Travel safe.

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  10. I'm just trying to picture you in tights. Hmm... not too pretty of a sight! I'm sure Rick can come up with something though anyway.

  11. Well goodness I would have thought with all that poetic alliteration in the title that you were for sure a ballet guy. You could have amused yourself taking pictures. What troop was it? I might have been willing to take your ticket. I like good ballet very much.

    420 is definitely a respectable PDD day. Your one day would be 3 days for us at the rate we like to go. I'm trying to take in that you normally AVERAGE 65 mph. Add me to the love that hog sign group. Great find!

  12. Hmm..maybe a ballet about full-time RVng would have caught your attention?! We're more of a 10 am departure time too, unless we're doing a PDD day, then it's more like 7 am :)

  13. The only way you could drive 480 miles in that traffic after leaving at 10am would be if you were wearing a nice comfy pair of "pink satin ballet shoes.

  14. We always leave at the crack of 10...or later :) Anything earlier than that would give us retired folks a bad reputation!

    Love, love, love the sign!