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Monday, September 23, 2013

Murphy Throws A Nasty Punch

We had a great time with our granddaughters.  Seems like kids nowadays are very electronic savvy.  Even little Rebekah, at 16 months likes playing with things, like Marti’s iPhone.


“Hmm, what app do I want this time?”


“This one!”

We had a laughing good time last night and we tried and tried to get all three girls to sit still for a picture.  This was the best we could get with all the giggling going on.


We left the Pin Oak Creek Campground this morning around 10:30 and did a leisurely 215 mile drive down to the Escapee's Turkey Creek Campground right next to Branson, MO.  We decided to take a few days to rest up and see some shows before completing our trip back to South Carolina.  Grandparenting is hard work!  ;c)

We registered at the office and when we came out, Marti smelled propane.  I smelled it too.  Marti said maybe we should tell the office there was a propane smell, being as there is a large propane tank next to it.

I went and opened our propane compartment to check our tank.  Sure enough it was our tank that was leaking.  I quickly turned off the shut off valve.  On of the brass fittings had vibrated loose and that was where the propane leaked from.

We went inside the Journey and it reeked of propane.  We opened all the windows and put on the exhaust fans to clear the air.

I took out my trusty wrenches and snugged up the brass fitting (the one with the lines on it) and then sprayed some soapy water on it to ensure the leak had stopped.


We did lose a couple of gallons of propane.  It was a quick fix and a cheap lesson to check those fittings.  Murphy threw a nasty punch but we caught it in time before we had our own TV show:  “The Big Bang Journey”!  :cD

Now we’re all good and nicely set up to enjoy the next few days.


             THE END


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  1. I sure hope you can enjoy your hiatus without something else happening! Trouble is supposed to come in 3's. I think you may have redefined that :)

  2. So thankful you were able to fix it and you're safe.

  3. OK it is now time to just relax and more issues!!!

    Those granddaughters are so cute:o))

  4. Murphy must have wings. How can he be in Missouri and Minnesota at the same time?

  5. Uh Oh.... close call. So glad it turned out okay. Your granddaughters sure look like a lively bunch... what a blast it must be to visit them.

  6. Could be he's migrating south. My issue started on Friday, and your next one today. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

  7. All that shake, rattle and rolling does not do good things for the motorhomes...we are constantly checking the screws for looseness. Good and safe catch!

  8. I think you and Judy have Murphy all tied up with your rigs. Jim checks our propane tanks for leaks on a regular basis. Especially after some of roads we travel on. Have a great time. Give us a review of shows.

  9. Ok, between you and H&L, there's enough Murphy's to go around! I say 'no more!' :)

  10. Well I've added check the propane fittings to the list of things to be done here. It is really nice of you to have all these problems so I can learn from them but it's OK if you stop now. Have a great time in Branson.

  11. Thanks for being a guinea pig on all these RV maintenance tasks Paul. I'll be checking our propane fittings first thing in the morning.

    I'm just wondering if you walked outside like Robert Duvall and said "don't you just love the smell of propane in the afternoon"?

  12. Yuk...we had a propane leak after having a quick-connect fitting put in for a small heater. The rig reeked for days! Lucky for us it was sitting in the driveway at the time. Glad you caught yours before you decided to fix some dinner! Cute picture of the grandgirls.

  13. That was lucky that you could smell the gas and find the problem quickly. I have seen to many pictures of burned out RVs on the side of the road from propane leaks.

  14. When we visited Turkey Creek, they had just had some flooding. I thought I heard it was even worst this spring. Obviously all is well now. Have fun in Branson.

  15. Only 215 miles? Are you feeling okay? ;-)

    Glad you intercepted Murphy before he got out of hand.

  16. Another thing to add to add to our pre lift-off list. Thanks. You are the bomb!

  17. Glad it was just a loose fitting. Enjoy Branson - if you have not seen the 12 irish tenors - they are very good.

  18. Good catch on the gas. These days the only gas I have escaping....OK, never mind.
    I know someone who would have been *freaking out* at the smell of mercaptan. Hopefully Marti was more composed.

  19. Paul, just out of curiosity, was your propane detector sounding an alarm inside the rig. If it wasn't, it sounds like another item to add to your list.

  20. Propane is heavier than air so would not likely set off the detector inside the coach, Should be replaced about every 7 years.
    We had a problem a few years ago so now always turn off the propane when we are travelling, our fridge and freezer holds it temperature if you don't open it much.