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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Washing Tadpoles

No, we weren’t chasing tadpoles in the campground pond with a bar of soap.  The “tadpoles” I’m talking about are our two Honda Metropolitan motor scooters.


When we travel, they are carried in the back of our Honda Element toad, so we named them the “Tadpoles”.   (Yes I know tadpoles come from frogs, not toads, but bear with us, it’s all in fun).  As for the colors, we have one Democrat scooter and one Republican scooter.  It reflects our politics, not favoring one political party over another… ;c)

They are just one more way to have fun out on the back roads of America.

When we’re not carrying them with us, they live in a shed we bought at our daughter’s house.


We share the shed with our SIL Brian’s lawn equipment, it’s a win-win situation.


It had been a while since we went “scooting”, so we rode them over to the campground and gave them a good scrubbing. There was still some Quartzsite dust on them from our riding them in the desert a year ago.

It also was the first chance for us to use our collapsible water bucket we bought at Camping World.  One of the problems with collapsible buckets is they tend to collapse when you use them and spill all your soapy water out. 


This one has a metal brace on each end that folds down, snaps into place and holds the bucket fabric rigid.


When you’re done with the bucket, unsnap the braces and it fold nice and flat, taking up hardly any space.  This bucket is a winner as a good product.

Now the scooters are clean and shiny and we’re happy as we tour all the back roads in the area at a blazing 25mph (downhill).

Here’s Motorcycle Marti after a hard day in the saddle.


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  1. You are so clever with a democrat and a republican scooter. Do you fight over who gets to ride which one?

  2. I forgot you had those tadpoles. Good to see them getting some exercise. It looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Marti looks great on her scooter. Looking forward to some scooter adventure posts.

  4. I forgot about them too! We would love to get something like that but wouldn't have any place to put it!

  5. Paul, does the Republican scooter actually run or does it just say "NO"! I see Marti's riding the Blue one.

    That water bucket looks like a great idea, I'll have to pick one of those up the next time I'm in Camping World.

  6. The "tadpoles" look like so much fun. I was tricked by the title of your post, exept tadpoles in the fall made no sense.

    We have that same collapsible bucket and it holds up real well for a variety of purposes.

  7. That looks like so much fun - both of you zipping around and getting into trouble. Way to go.

  8. Those tadpoles are adorable. I'm sure you can manage to get into some trouble with them;o))

  9. Another endorsement for the collapsible bucket. We've had that same one for 2+ years and it will hold up to anything. One of our best purchases!

    Love the tadpoles...

  10. Cute tadpoles. But wait. What do Toads have? Well there's a distraction. Now I'll have to go and look that up.
    Carry on.

  11. That looks like fun! How do they do off road and in the sand?

    1. Not too good, the tires are street tires and are somewhat narrow. Out in Quartzsite, AZ, they did okay because the desert is pretty hard packed.

  12. Have fun on those tadpoles. Those look like fun!

  13. I've been debating about getting one of those collapsible buckets for some time. Thanks for the positive endorsement.

  14. We have that same bucket and love it. We used to have two blue motorcycles. They ran well but they cost us an arm and a leg every time we did anything with them!

  15. I need to get one of those buckets. I had the kind without the brace and gave up on it. Those tadpoles look fun.

  16. A great way to explore areas in the south, riding your tad poles.