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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Planes, No Trains, No Automobiles

It was hard to resist, being so close.  So I gave in to the temptation.  I even dragged my brother-in-law, Bud and his teenage grandson, Caleb along with me.  Where?

To the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

This is one of the premier military museums in the country, well worth a visit and best of all, it’s FREE (my favorite four letter word).

It is well laid out from the earliest types of planes, like the Wright Brother’s flyer,


to World War I fighters,


1930’s bombers,


World War II aircraft including fighters,


and heavy bombers like this B-24.


One very historic aircraft on display is “Bockscar”, the B-29 that dropped the second atomic bomb that ended WWII. 


Bud’s father was a B-29 pilot and my dad was an aircraft mechanic on B-29s during WWII, so to see one of these aircraft was special to us both.

Aircraft of the Korean War.  The beginning of jet fighters that made propeller driven fighters obsolete. 


We even met Dennis the Menace!



The museum progresses through modern aircraft right up to a forest of rockets used to launch satellites and spacecraft.


There is even a full sized training mock up of the Space Shuttle, that was used to train all the shuttle astronauts.  It is amazingly big, hard to believe that the shuttles could be launched into space.


NUDITY ALERT:  If you don’t want to see nudity, skip the next couple of pictures!

 The museum is very educational, well laid out and balanced between history and technology.  For example, here is a jet with the skin of the fuselage removed so you can see the inner workings of it.



Enough of the naked pictures, back to G rated. 

I found drones very interesting.


They could be a tremendous help to RVers.  You could use one to scout out perfect campsites in advance.  And if the campground was full, no problem, just arm the drone and make your own space…  ;c)

A great place to visit, the parking lot is huge and plenty of room to park even the largest RV.  For military folks, there is a FamCamp at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base right next door.

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  1. And they let a Coastie in, nice folks.

  2. Love touring those air force museums, especially with that four letter word "free".

  3. Thanks Paul.. A place we'll put on our "never ending list" of places to see someday.

  4. Well there you are in the place of my birth, Dayton Ohio. I left there to go to Ohio State and never went back. Glad you enjoyed what we called "the Wright Pat Museum" although it was tiny at that time. Like your idea of the drone scouting for campsites IF we could clearly see which ones are level. Don't think I'd want to create my own though.

  5. We loved the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola, we need to make a trip to Ohio!!!

  6. Now that is a great museum. And that four letter word is definitely the best.

  7. Thank gawd and all gawds that the Nudity Alert was not a photo of a naked you!!

    With that, it was a great blog and photos of all the old aircraft and spacecraft too!

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  8. Oh, good idea to use a drone to scout out campsites :-)

  9. I'm with Laurel ... like the drone idea ;-)

  10. An incredible museum we will have to see

  11. We love touring military museums and especially the ones with planes. We do a lot of those along the road. However, we've never consider posting pictures of nudes like you have.

  12. That looks like a fun place. I really liked seeing the nekkid airplane.

  13. Hey! We were there in '09 and even I thought it was fantastic. I even posted some of the same pictures that you did. My favorite was the stealth bomber, thinking that was the closest I was ever going to get to one of those. My post was at

  14. It is a great place that we have visited often since are daughter has been stationed there for three years. The campground is not that bad either:)

  15. And Caleb LOVED it!!! Miss you guys! I'm now subscribing to your blog, so this is not the last of me :) You'll be hearing from me again! ~Liana