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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sitting Still But Not Sitting Still

We have been parked in the Pin Oak Creek Campground in Missouri for the last month, but just because the Journey isn’t rolling doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting still.  Our four Missouri granddaughters (we’ve another granddaughter in NJ, with a little sister due in July) have been occupying our days.

Little “Charlie” (Charlotte) has been doing what babies do, sleeping and eating and getting loved over.



We tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to get all four girls together in one place, sit still and look at the camera at the same time for a picture.  Little Bekah, at 23 months is a bundle of energy and to get her to pose was quite an adventure.  Giving her a cell phone to distract her helped somewhat, but the screen gave her a purple glow to her face.


When we finally got her to put the cell phone down, she showed us what she thought of that idea.


The bigger sisters often sleep over in the Journey, they love to be here with us.  Marti had them bake cookies one night.


We also introduced them to Geocaching.  I had a hard time keeping up as they ran off to find a nearby cache.


One cache had us deep in some woods.  Good thing we had a lot of practice with that when we pin hunted for the Corps of Engineers!



We ended up the day’s hunt up on an overlook over the town of Pacific, MO.  Taylor got a kick out of climbing on a Civil War cannon displayed there.


Kierra liked using the binoculars there, but wasn’t happy that she couldn’t see her house.


We are making the most of our last week here, Friday we depart for Forest City, Iowa to the Winnebago Factory service center.  We’re getting the inverter problem and that persnickety intermittent slide leak fixed, along with another small item or two.

Hopefully the repairs don’t take too long so we can sneak back for a couple more days with the girls before we head back to South Carolina in June.  Every minute with them is precious.  :c)

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  1. Adorable pictures! They are going to miss you when you're gone :)

  2. Always great to get out with the little ones, even if they can run circles around us.

  3. It's great that you're there to entertain the older girls. I'm sure their mother appreciates that.

  4. What a beautiful family. Little Charlie is adorable. Glad the girls got to learn about geo-caching. It must be fun to do that with them.

  5. Well you are set for a women's basketball team. Staring 5 and one sub!

  6. Those kids just move too fast. I always take pictures of them in the sports mode, just to have a chance of a good focus:)

  7. Keeping up with then will sure keep you busy. Enjoy the time.

  8. We just dashed through Missouri and think it is a state that we'd love to spend more time long as it's not snowing, cold, hot or

    Those grands are not too fast, you are just getting slower. hehehe.....payback for silver medal comment.

  9. What a great thing that you can be close to all the little ones as they grow up. It is a true luxury in this day of everyone moving around so much. Your full time lifestyle really has been a great blessing to those girls.

  10. I thought leaving all the fun at Betty's RV Park would be hard; leaving those four granddaughters takes it to a whole different level. So lovely to have this precious time with your family. Memories of baking cookies in the motorhome will be with the older girls forever.

  11. Wonderful memories are being made. They'll always remember the times spent with both of you.Your Klan keeps growing. What a bunch of cuties you have.

  12. You have to be so proud of your own kids for having such great looking granddaughters. You are making such great memories for them!

  13. What a great looking family - all those beautiful little girls!

    I don't blame you for hanging around as long as you can before heading back east.

  14. Great pictures! Glad you are enjoying your family time.