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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rubber Ducks

Okay, what does RVing have to do with Rubber Ducks? 


Unless you are Sherry, who has a trio of rubber ducks that ride on the dashboard of her motorhome, absolutely nothing.

However, it was our Journey that transported us to Ohio, where we got to go to a farm team baseball game in downtown Akron with Marti’s sister Anne and brother-in-law, Bud.  The team?


The team’s name comes from the large tire manufacturing history of Akron.  The best part?  We had seats in one of the sky boxes.  Yep, living large!  You can see the sky boxes over the seats where the “poor” people sat to watch the game.  ;c)


The Rubber Ducks played a team from Philadelphia.


Usually, farm team games are much more exciting than many professional games.  This game, not so much.  The Ducks lost 4-0.


In between innings, the sideline entertainment was much more fun, with the team mascot and friends performing.


Or during one inning break, a sling shot launched hot dogs,


to a kid that tried to catch them in his oversized pants.  I’d have been glad to just buy him a hotdog to avoid his embarrassment.


Then there was the kiddie stampede on the field right after the game ended.



That should have happened before the game to burn off some of their energy so they could sit still during the game.  ;c)

Just a different kind of experience we’ve enjoyed while traveling full time in the Journey.  You never know what you’re going to find or see next!

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  1. I just want to know if you have a rubber ducky with you. Some folks take one in the tub with them. I'm guessing yours is ready for you in the shower?

  2. How many kids did you have to push out of the way to get on the field?

  3. Good to hear from a fellow minor league baseball fan!

  4. Tonight's blog is just ducky.

  5. You'll have to check out the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. They put on an equally thrilling between innings show;o)) Of course, we were sitting with the common folks;-(

  6. That's beauty of living full time, looks like you really enjoyed the game.

  7. Farm teams have so much passion :) We drove by that stadium when we visited our friends in Akron, nice downtown area!

  8. Well, actually, it's the Duckie Brothers, Moby and Handy, with their friend Tiny Winnie whom they rescued from a piece of driftwood on Hunting Island who head up our dashboard. They say "never count rubber ducks out"!

  9. Good to see you are finally doing some bird watching! ;)

  10. Especially the rare blue-footed wieny warbler...

  11. Love doing those down home, good ole times that are really what life is all about.

  12. A great day at the ol' ball park! I'm still trying to figure out how you rated sky-boxes?

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  13. Love minor league games. We used to go to Durham Bulls games all the time! We sat with the commoners though :)

  14. Minor league and spring training are all we go to anymore.