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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day Night Shade Repair (Part Two)

We had a short drive (97) miles today, and are staying overnight at a…gasp!  KOA in North Carolina.  Expensive, yes, but convenient and close to the highway so we didn’t use gallons of diesel fuel.  So without any major catastrophes or other interesting disasters today, I’ll put up part two of the shade repair.  

Now that all the waiting is over, I’ll soldier on.

I used one of Marti’s embroidery needled to pull the sting through the holes.


Using a new spring from the kit, I put a roll of string through each eye of the spring and pulled the string through until it was even on both ends.  It was done on both ends of the spring.


Next, using s little duct tape, the spring was secured in the middle of the top rail.


Now the second hardest part, threading all the string though all the holes in the top portion of the slide.  There are four sets of holes to thread the string through.  The extra set of hands (Marti’s) really came in “handy” in this step.


Now for the really fun (hard) part.  The bottom fabric has to be slid into the middle rail.  You have to keep the string from getting caught.  The two strings on the right side have to be pulled out to the right side, then the fabric has to be slid half way out of the rail.


Here is the process, almost confusing.  You thread the string through the holes following this pattern.  The inside string has to go through the outer hole, the outside string goes through the inner hole.  Yes, they are cris-crossed.

One that is done, slide the fabric back the opposite way and again to halfway out so the opposite strings can be threaded through, inner string to outer hole, outer string to inner hole.

Now we’re almost done.  The bottom rail can be slid over the fabric and the end caps can be put on with the string threaded through the holes.`


The ends of the string are threaded through holes in the tension spools and tied off.


Place the slide back in the plastic clip and reinstall the two screws on each end of the shade into the valance.  All that is left is to reattach the tension spools in place.  You can now adjust the tension on the shade by loosening the screw that holds the spool in place and turning it a bit to increase or decrease the shades tension.


Done.  And I bet you thought I couldn’t do it.  ;c)

All tolled, it took me two hours, some of time was needed to fix the mis-drilled screw hole and drill a new one.  This shade was a four string shade, a two string (narrower one) would be easier.

I’m going to pick up some more string repair kits, I know I will be repairing some of the other shades one of these days.

PS:  Sorry for all the typos, I’m writing while using a cracked screen on my laptop and I can’t always see the mistakes.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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  1. I think if ours ever needs repairing, we'll just travel to where you are. :) Good job explaining!

  2. Very well done! I think after your WVa campground you deserve whatever easy, close by one you find regardless of the expense. If it's KOA then go for it!! That's what we did tonight. One night with the diesels humming and we hit a private campground for some sleep before pushing on tomorrow.

  3. Excellent job Paul! You have much more patience than I. So glad we don't have those style of shades.

  4. If you can survive WV you can do anything :-)

  5. June 1, 2014
    Hi Paul West Virginia is a hard state to RV with a large motorhome. Bonnie and I have picked a couple of RV parks off interstate seventy-seven that were not fun but not what you wet thru. Rippling Waters Romance, WV in twenty-ten. A much nicer experance than yours. Safe traveling


  6. So satisfying to get that job done. The more you do the quicker it will go., get ready for the next one now.

  7. What a great job. You're also very lucky Marti offered to to donate her needles you to use. With all that experience under your belt I'm sure there is a new career in your future.

  8. Thanks! I'm just thankful we now have Venetian blinds in our rig and not those type as I'd go crazy trying to do that.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  9. Good job but sure glad we have MCD's :)