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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Checking Out the Competition

While we are working steadily on getting the house ready for sale, other houses in the neighborhood are popping up on the market.  Our realtor sent us the latest multiple listing for the houses on the market near us and their sale prices.

We took a ride around and looked at them.  After viewing them, we feel pretty confident that we have gone way beyond what the other homeowners have done (or not done) to their houses.  We've spent a bunch of money and realize that even though the wallet is getting thinner, every cent will help move the house towards a completed sale.  Money is flying out of my wallet so fast, I'm afraid it will catch fire.

Today the house and deck were power washed, a quick $525, but the results were fantastic, the deck looks brand new (it's over 20 years old).  Thursday we get the new Corian countertops put in (finally, after a national back order on the material used to make the Corian).  Lastly, we put in the order for the new carpet.  After the contractor measures the rooms, we'll get the cost.  Hopefully, we'll have oxygen and an AED nearby...

At work today, I finished my last project.  Every year I have to write ten completely different advancement tests for Coast Guard members in my specialty, 150 different questions on each test, that's 1500 questions.  It is a big relief to get that over with.  Now it will be just teaching a few classes and hanging around looking pretty for the next couple of months until the retirement date hits.

One of these days, we'll get a chance to scoot away in the Journey for a couple of days, boy do we need a break!  It's been so long, I'm not sure what the Journey looks like any more...

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  1. tick tock tick, your time is coming...

  2. soon my blogging friends..very just have to be patient a little while longer!

  3. That picture of the wallet on fire is just toooo funny! It will all work out . . .

  4. Glad everything is coming together...won't be long now!!

    Well, it sounds like an easy last few months on the job, Pretty Boy ;o)) You deserve it!!

  5. Hang in there! It will al be done and you'll be on the road before you know it. We are right there with you. One more garage sale and interior paint and we'll be done.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  6. When you get done with the house, you might decide to just keep it :)

  7. Kevin and SherylMay 4, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    Sounds like your doing all the right things to getter sold. Bet she sell quick!!! When you need a break, heck, just go sit in the Journey and have a Margarita, that'll make it all

  8. Be in the moment. It's what we have. (That's advice to myself that I thought I'd share.) That was a lot of questions to write.

  9. Paul, I'm sure you are eager to move on to the next phase of your life. I spent 26 years in the military, lots of good experiences some less than good but looking back, after almost 30 years of retirement, I can say that my 26 years in the military tops all the other experiences I've had. My wife and I have traveled to 49 states in our motorhome and we spent some time in Hawaii since our retirement from the military. Looking back at all that traveling, while nice, was nothing compared to the friends we had in the military and the involuntary travel we had in the military. Our assignments to Europe, SE Asia, Thule, Greenland and even our time in Iran during the Iranian revolution are memories that were some of our best memories. Hope you enjoy your military buddies for the next couple of months, you'll never find that kind of camaraderie again even though full time rv'ers come close. ;-) Best wishes on marketing your house and enjoy the coming journey.

  10. No matter if your house is the 'best' on the street, or the 'worst' will sell. It only takes one! Have faith :) You guys both need a real vacation!