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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marti's Musings: This 'n' That progress

If you are tired of reading about all our 'chores' to get ready to hit the road, feel free to skip this post!  :-)

However, if you are a glutton for punishment - want to either re-live the harried life before hitting the road; or if you are living this crazy time of life; or if you are preparing to .... well, you get the idea.... read on!

We hit the ground running this morning - coffee and bagels to-go, and then a myriad of errands and chores.

I called Caring Transitions this week, and suggested they hold off a week before coming back to help.  For a couple of reasons - first I need to sort my clothes (ugghh) - you know the routine by now - keep, need-now-for-work, winter (for our northern living kids - they will store 'em!), and some dressier ones at my daughter's for when we stay near her and attend church etc, and then of course donate/sell/trash.  My goal today was to get through the clothes.  Yeah, well - 'the best laid plans' and all that -(Carol and her crew will be back next weekend to pack up the piles I make, and start staging the rest of the house).

Paul has a saying, now becoming a mantra these days:  "this house is breaking faster than I can fix it!".  Today, he had to repair the master bedroom toilet, as the bolt broke last night, and well?  That is a pretty important item to us.  (ha ha )  Then there is the kitchen cabinet knob that wouldn't budge last night, while I was changing them out - now he has to pull out his dremmel tool.  Then he and his buddy 'Paintbrush' - have found more and more spots that need touching up.

So, while we guzzled our coffee (for me), diet coke (Paul) and bagels, we made another Lowe's trip.  Yeah.  Again.  The FIRST Lowe's trip today.  HOT TIP:  Lowe's stock is about to jump up.  Pretty good indication is that folks clap when we walk into the store these days - we have spent a pretty penny these last few months.  So when Paul checked out today with 2 lonely toilet bolts, the clerk said:  "that's it?"  Yup.  For that trip anyway.  Of course, during the course of the repair, he had to go back and get a gasket.  sheesh.

After Lowes, we headed over to the local storage rental spot.  We are fast running out of room with the accumulating boxes.  Plus, I doubt the house would be very appealing with boxes and piles all over the place.    On top of that, the new carpet is being delivered Tuesday and Wednesday - so more preparations for THAT, now.  2 storage trips later, I can now park in the garage again, and finally I can start on my clothes.

Umm, after I finish packing the china cabinet (ran out of bubble wrap) - a must as the carpet-layer-people won't move breakables.  (can't blame them)  Okay - THEN I headed to the MBR to start on the clothes.
Only then I saw the jewelry boxes that I needed to sort (see above list, minus 'winter').  4 hours later that job is done (good grief!)  It was after 6pm by then, and we promised we would quit at 6pm.

A few more chores - laundry, more pile making - and dinner at 8pm.  As I type this it is 10:45pm and Paul is quietly snoring next to me.  My mind is still spinning, and I know I must finish the dreaded clothes chore.  Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks for visiting!  ~Marti


  1. sleep well!..looks like you earned a good night's rest!

  2. Ooooo -- dreaded memories!! Sorting through my clothes -- and shoes! -- was the worst for me. Then, there's Home Depot. Our car could drive there on its own without either one of us behind the wheel! And last, but not least, Mike's "to-do list" never seems to stop growing.

    Hang in there. You're gonna make it!

  3. Ahhhhh the memories, just know it will all be worth it in the end.

  4. Just remember you will need much less than you think you will...

    You are always seeing new people as you travel and they don't know how often you wear the same outfit;o))

    My motto is Less is Best and it makes getting dress choices ;o))

  5. hang in there as it too will all come to past...

  6. Oh my. We went to Kohl's and bought more clothes yesterday :) It's ok...they'll go on the road with us ;)