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Friday, May 6, 2011

How We Spent Our Fuel Money

The price of diesel is getting downright obscene.  Gas is pretty bad, too.  For us to get on the road fulltime, we've got some hurdles to complete on the house, making it more desirable for that one buyer we (and everybody else) are looking for.

One major house project was replacing the old, original Formica kitchen countertop with a new, modern Corian unit.  The Formica was original to the house, it was cracked, stained, warped and just plain ugly.

 We picked out the color  for the new Corian countertop about a month and a half ago, suffered through a national back order of the material to make the countertop and finally we both had to arrange our work schedules to be home when the contractors came to do the job.

Yesterday, I watched as the job was started.  The countertop, sink, faucet and plumbing all had to be removed. 

It came off in no time.

While I waited on the team of installers to come, I used some white Kilz sealer to cover some water stains where the sink was.

It was amazing that the cabinets that the countertop covered were not level.  The contractor spent a good hour re-leveling the cabinets so the new Corian would fit perfectly.  The old Formica countertop was very flexible and bent to fit the off level cabinets (love fast, mass built houses).  The Corian will not flex and would have left gaps had the cabinets not been properly leveled.

Then the installers arrived with the new countertop and went to work.  After about two hours of fiddling, gluing and sanding, the Corian unit with the new, integral sinks was in place.  It had to sit for 24 hours before the plumbing could be reinstalled.

Today, Marti went to work a little late so the plumber could install the brand new faucet, which matched the countertop color and hook up all the plumbing.

The finished project.  We could have bought a lot of diesel fuel for what this cost, but without doing it, we might be waiting even longer for that elusive buyer. ;c)

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  1. You put your money on the first priority...getting the house sole!!

    It looks great!!!

    Hope you sell it real fast and send the rest of the buyers our way ;o))

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling confident about the house in comparison to others in your neighborhood. How could you not with all the great things you've done to it.

    How many more days until retirement??


  3. The kitchen looks fabulous! One more project checked off the list -- you're doing great!

  4. nice new counter tops!..way to go!!

  5. Kitchen looks should be proud of the way things are going.

  6. Don't make any more improvements on the house or else you might want to stay....yeah...right...

  7. Looks good, now for the buyers to start flooding in.

  8. There's sure a lot of cabinets in that kitchen. I never knew that about the level of the cabinets with Corian. Good work!