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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marti's Musings: Plum pooped out!

We had a very productive weekend.

Saturday,  Caring Transitions - Carol and Thomas - helped out again, Praise the Lord!  They arrived at 10am and got right to work.  Packing, labeling, and trucking to temporary storage.  6 hours later, a truck load to the dump and 2 loads to storage- voila!  We have very few boxes left to fill and haul wherever. 

Paul, meanwhile did the lawn, cleaned out the gutters (gotta let him tell you that story), painted doors, and reseeded a part of the lawn where the tree was cut down,.  (of course, right AFTER I raked the yard of loose sticks and debris so Paul could mow - one blister later, and then the guys arrived to grind out the stump- sheesh!)

Saturday night we had a wonderful break, and met up with Mike and Terri, and Jim and Dee - Paul will have to link their websites in - and post pictures.  Explanation to follow.  After dinner at Carraba's, and dessert at Krispy Kreme (who can pass up HOT glazed donuts?) - we made a trek to WalMart - yup, I ran out of bubble wrap again, and medium boxes.  *sigh*  We got home after midnight (who knew the lines at WalMart were longer in the middle of the night?  What's with THAT?)

Sunday we did it without CT - there were some things we had to sort (read: trash most of it).  We made another trip to the RV to deliver the  things 'for the road' (no doubt I will be weeding out again, once I get to the RV to be road ready), as well as another trip to storage, once I bubble wrapped precious photos, awards, etc.  Paul taped off the LAST room - and we actually see the end! 

There are mostly empty boxes now, rather than piles of full ones.  3 of the 4 bedrooms are now 'staged'.  The living room is 'staged'.  The dining room, once the roll top desk is removed, will be 'staged'.   PROGRESS.  The kitchen floor is due in this week.  The last room will be painted.  The final boxes packed. 
Then.....  the house goes up for sale....  woo hoo!

Now, to explain:  After we finished our chores today (of course, after our morning worship) - we promised to quit at 4pm.  That was pretty close prediction of getting accomplished what was needed - so we treated ourselves to a nice steak dinner.  We got home about 6pm - I went upstairs to get comfortable, and when I came back down, Paul was asleep on the couch.  2 hours later, he woke up and went to bed.  I am sitting here de-stressing playing my Wii - mentally preparing for a week at work.

Yeah, we are plum pooped out.  But, soon it will be worth it!


  1. hopefully your work week will be more restful than the weekend!!

  2. Sounds like you two have really made progress...just a little more and your house will be in the "FOR SALE" pool. It won't be long before all your hard work will bring the much deserved rewards!!

  3. Wow...the progress is coming quicker all the guys are well on your way!

    Hope to meet up along our travels someday!

  4. Boy productive doesn't even begin to describe it.

    How many more days to retirment?