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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marti's Musings: Taking a break

Well, after doing serious prep the last couple weekends, to get the house ready to put up for sale, this weekend we are taking a break from it all.

This past week Paul managed to get a few things knocked off the 'to do' list: painting and sealing the deck.  Me, on the other hand, have done nothing but work and crash at night.  Yeah, it's been 'one of those weeks' at work - yes, again.  (on an interesting note:  Carol, from Caring Transitions, attended an educational program at my building today - that was kind of odd for me, seeing her walk down the hall, unexpectedly- as we were unable to reveal how we knew each other, nor talk about the progress on the house! ).

So, why are we taking the weekend off at this critical time?  Other than needing the mental health break, we are meeting up with my siblings in Ohio's Amish country (without the Journey - bummer).

We haven't all been together in several years - so this reunion comes at a much needed time.  Of course, we are known to get a little crazy when all of us are together - so it should be fun!  We will come back online in a couple of days.  Then it will be the final push - to get the last items done on the house.  woo hoo!

Happy Memorial Day, blogger friends!  Let's remember to keep our military in our prayers, and thank them for their sacrifice and service to our great country.  God Bless America!


  1. Enjoy the Long weekend!..have fun with your siblings!!!

  2. You guys have been working hard and deserve the break. Travel safely, and enjoy the weekend!

  3. Have a very safe and fun weekend! You deserve the break.

  4. You'll come back refreshed and ready to go! Have fun :)

  5. Enjoy Amish country. The jack spray is a 3M brand. number on can 08897. It is an aerosol silicone lubricant (dry type)

  6. Drive safely on this holiday weekend! :)

  7. Have a great trip and enjoy the family!! You've earned the time off.

    Thanks for your service, Paul! You too Marti... a military spouse plays a huge roll in the service to our country and deserves to be honored as well.

    Safe Travels, Nancy and Bill

  8. Very glad to hear you are taking a break to have a whopping good time.

    When is your retirement date Marti?