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Monday, May 30, 2011

What's Up With Blogger Comments?

Before I put you to sleep with a post about our weekend in the past, also known as Amish Country, I need to ask if anyone else is having problems leaving comments on favorite blogs you read?

I'm scratching my head because some of the blogs give me no trouble posting comments, while others fight me, sending my comments in a never ending round of edits and never publishing, or putting me down as anonymous, even though I'm signed in to Blogger.

I hate to have some of my blogger friends think I don't enjoy their blogs anymore because I've "stopped" commenting.  Any ideas (or solutions)?


  1. I am getting a little of the same run around with blogger.

  2. Yup, LOTS of folks with commenting issues with Blogger. I posted several blogs about it. Some of those workaround aren't working now. The best solution (and how I am posting to you), is to download and use Chrome.

    Funny Google owns both Chrome and Blogger...

  3. I only had an issue last night with one blog..can't remember who's it was though???...hang in there..maybe it will be fixed eventually!

  4. I am having the same problem, but cannot figure out why. I have been thinking it is not my access, but an issue with the blogs I am trying to comment on?

  5. We were having an issue with our followers 'disappearing'. I did have a problem posting one day, and commenting another day. I do not use Chrome, but Mozilla, so not sure. Everything seems to be ok as of yesterday for me. Miss your blog!

  6. I know a lot of people are having problems leaving comments. It's something to do with Blogger/Firefox/Internet explorer.

    I use Google Chrome so I've not had any problems. Rick has some suggestions to fix them, but I haven't paid much attention since I've not had any issues.

  7. We too are among those who have had plenty of issues in the past few weeks. At first, we stopped commenting but then it went on for too long and finally switched over to Chrome...would prefer IE but whatever works is what we will use.

    As for the types of issues, we only had them with the comments that were embedded in the blog, the popup ones were never an issue. But now we notice on the popups there is no scrolling on the sides, only by tabbing can you get to the next field...strange!

    We keep hoping to hear a fix, but...

  8. Yesterday I wiped out all my browsing history and that seemed to clear up the problem.

  9. Seems like the one with the most verification and limited identity options, give me the most trouble.

    I try and make it as easy as possible for anyone to leave comments on ours

  10. Used to have troubles but now that I usually ask the comment to come up in a separate tab they seem to have stopped.

    With fewer comments I just assume I'm writing boring crap (which is true) and try to do what I can.