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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marti's Musings: Day 2 of This 'n' That

Well, the dreaded clothes chore is done - pretty much anyway.  I have clothes in the MBR that I will need for work etc until we can hit the road.  We filled 4 bags to donate, and I filled a closet that Carol and her crew can sell or donate.  I also filled a large box of items to add to the sell pile.

We did double duty today, as not only are we sorting our stuff - we also have to move everything off carpeted areas.  Not as easy as it sounds as our entire 2nd floor is carpeted except for the bathrooms. 

So, 6 bags of trash, 4 bags of donated clothes, a box of 'to sell' late and a bag of memorabilia later (cannot part with the love letters from Paul!) - we have piles everywhere - except on the carpet, of course. 

Oh yea, another trip to Lowes and now we have ordered new kitchen flooring. (did you hear them cheering when we walked in??)  The LAST order from them.  So, by next week - all should be DONE - and ready to put on the market. Another house, similar to ours, just went up for sale, and at a much higher price than we were thinking.  Woo Hoo.  Hopefully that is a good indication for us. 

The light is at the end of the tunnel!  ~Marti


  1. You are definitely going to be ready to hit the road after all this work. They probably have your pictures up in Lowes with a big gold star!

    We got rid of almost all of our clothes that did not go in the motorhome.

  2. I see that light!! Think I better sell my Lowe's stock now..I predict a huge drop in sales :)

  3. That light is getting brighter and brighter...

    If we can't get on the road yet, we sure can't wait for you two to get on the road and have fun following your adventures.

    Here's wishing all goes well and you sell in a flash!!


  4. I think you've done the hard part if you got through your clothes. At least it was for me.

    Sorry to hear Lowes is going on the skids without your support.

    Your neighbors will be sorry they are in your neighborhood when your house goes on the market.

    Good goin'