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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Making Things Homey

We sure are enjoying our time at Amber and Ryan's house.

Now that the Journey is our only home, Marti wanted to decorate it for Christmas.  She had her two little helpers, Taylor and Kierra to do the "heavy" lifting.

Taylor put the Santa hats on the mirrors, with a little help from "Pa".

Inside the little Christmas Tree went up on the steering wheel table.

The tree came out nicely.

The dash was decorated, too.

Marti and the girls worked on making wreaths from kits.  They were nice, the little decorations were "peel and stick", easy for the girl's little fingers and no glue to mess with.

The finished product.  Our Christmas home on the road.

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  1. Very nice and festive! Home is where you hang your 'santa' hat :)

  2. What a lovely family your son has a beautiful wife and darling daughters at just the right age for helping with the decorating. The Journey looks VERY festive!! Ho!Ho!Ho! You are gonna have a GREAT time Christmas morning with those two! Lucky you!!

  3. very festive!!!..nice work from the girls and Marti too!!..only a few more sleeps and the guy in the red suit will be there!!!

  4. Marti and the girls sure know how to decorate. What a special time this is for you and your family to spend together. Nothing is better than family time and especially at Christmas. Love the pictures of all of you!!

  5. Santa will now know where to find you :-)))

  6. Love the Santa hats on the mirrors. What a cute idea.

  7. What adorable little girls. Looks like you are having a grand time.

  8. You certainly are 'Making Memories!'

    So much fun to share the holidays through the eyes of a child. Makes all that driving so worth it:o)))

    Nice to see the girls teaching Marti how to do all those crafty things ;o))

    Merry Christmas to the whole gang!!!

  9. Looking very good, indeed!

    Your weather appears to be mild also. Is that just shirt sleeves on you 2 putting on the Santa hats? Don't see any white stuff either :)

  10. It looks great! Wonderful idea with the peel and stick - might have to get some myself.