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Monday, October 7, 2013

And Our Workamping Job Choices Are…

We had a bunch to choose from.  After much discussion, Marti and I narrowed our choices down to a few, one was collecting recyclables around Strom Thurmond Lake and taking them to the recycling center.  Another was driving all over the place to sporting goods stores and collecting the money for annual park pass sales.  We’d also like to get involved in doing some audits of entry receipts. 

But most of all, I wanted to be doing the job my hero, Forrest Gump did.  Cutting the huge amounts of grass around the Volunteer Village Campground.


After all, they have this really nice John Deere tractor here.  I would be styling, riding that beauty around.  My buddy Rick would be drooling.


Alas, it was not to be.  We did not get to work on any of our choices.  Our ranger supervisor had higher priority work that needed to be done.  When you’re a “highly paid” employee of Corps of Engineers, you do what your boss wants.  The best part was we would do it with Mike and Terri. :c)

Off we went to many locations around the lake.  We conducted a safety inspection of the picnic tables, ensuring there were no loose or broken boards, or missing/loose nails.


We also inspected the barbecue grills at each site.  Over the years the metal can rust out and hot coals could drop out and burn somebody.


Out of the dozens we inspected, we found a few that need replacing.

Most importantly, we looked at the trees around the campsites.  We don’t want to see any trees fall on anyone’s RV, like this one that fell on Bill and Nancy's brand new motorhome when the stayed at the Modoc campground.

05 - Pine on Motorhome from front[1]

No, we checked all those items very carefully.  Nobody’s going to get hurt or squashed on our watch!  :c)

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  1. Too bad you didn't get any of your choices though the consolation jobs don't look too shabby, and you got to do them with Mike & Terri. Maybe your reputation proceeds you and they know better than to give you something to drive :)

  2. Haha! Maybe Faye N Dave have something there! No PDD in that campground :)

  3. So the job process is pretty much like the USCG assignment process with the COE guy the detailer:)

  4. Love Faye's comment. She beat me to it although I'm imagining they'd love to have you do it, you'd have the entire place mowed in 15 hours straight!! Hope you get your choices, maybe tomorrow???? HI to Mike and Terri. Not sure if it was a good idea to put you 4 on detail together. More fun than work happening???

  5. Where were you when we needed you?!?! May have to come back now that we know the four of you are on tree patrol;o))

    Have fun and be careful those trees are real sneaky;o)

  6. Make sure our campsite, #19, Loop A, is in pristine condition. No overhanging limbs, no rusty grill, and especially a good picnic table. :) See you soon!

  7. It's nice to know that everyone is safe. Maybe the next job will be the one where you get to cut up on the John Deere. At least they've got you working and didn't kick you off the site. I actually thought all the high paid employees were furloughed but yet you get to stay.

  8. It sounds like these are temporary jobs. What will you do after all the inspections?

  9. A nice variety of jobs it pretty good for the awesome paychecks you guys are hauling in.
    Have too much fun.

  10. So, with all the talk about choices of jobs, you end up going where they want you to anyway? Sounds like the government, doesn't it?

    It's nice to know someone watches out for safety issues.

  11. Looks like you found some good things to do. We loved our time in your area during the Masters at Augusta in April. And getting to meet Mike and Terri. Looking forward to meeting you all down the road at some point.

  12. Ouch, the poor motorhome. We loved working at a COE park don't work too hard.

  13. It's a good thing they kept you off that John Deere lawnmower not because you'd be dangerous but because you'd probably post all kinds of photos of you riding it just to make me jealous! I would be!

  14. And here I was going to send you my steel toed boots for mowing. Shucks!