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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Workamping Intermission

We picked our workamping position at J. Strom Thurmond COE for three reasons, the first was we were going to work and live next to Mike and Terri, our long time RV friends and the second was we were going to be pretty close (hour and a half) to our daughter Heather’s house.  Thirdly it put us close to Marti’s eye doctor and me to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospital.

We finished our first two full weeks of “work” and we are already 14 hours over our required 40 hours (20/week).  It was amazing how fast the time went and how much fun we had (except for the pin hunting failure).

We left in our car and headed to Heather’s house, first stopping in Columbia at the eye surgeon who did Marti’s cataract surgery.  She needed a quick laser touch up on her lens, a very common thing that only takes a minute to do, but requires a couple hours of waiting for the eye to dilate and numb from the drops put in.

The procedure went without a hitch and we arrived at Heather’s  in plenty of time for the boy’s piano lessons.  Both Andrew and Owie are doing extremely well and enjoying the piano.  It is nice to see kids learning an instrument, giving them something that will give them a lifetime of enjoyment.

Since I have follow up check from my cataract surgery at the VA on Monday, we’ve been invited to stay the weekend at Heather’s.  Oh boy, don’t twist our arms! 

This gave us a chance to see Andrew play another football game Saturday.  His team won handily and their undefeated season continues with just one game left to play.  Pretty exciting stuff, who needs the NFL.  ;c)

After my appointment on Monday, we’ll head back to Thurmond COE.  Hopefully we can access the required online government defensive driving course, it’s been down due to the furlough and until we take and pass it, we can’t drive any government owned vehicles.  We’d be a danger to everyone on the road!  :cD


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  1. Sounds like the eye stuff is moving along quite nicely. Sure hope you pass that driving class - I'm not sure you'll be able to remember how to drive a golf cart after driving the MH. Don't need those really wide corners.

  2. attention to the details in the course. :)

  3. What a great plan for you guys. You have to stick around but you don't have to stick around and you still get to see the boys. Well done even if Strom is watching your every move. Anybody there think he'd be a Teapartyer??? Good campfire conversation?? Hi to M, M & T and G&L too!!

  4. Yep, you have landed a gem of a gig!! Near, but not too near, the places you need and want to be!! Hope you pass your drivers tests. I'm betting that will open up some really fun adventures;o))

  5. Now that the website has had a nice long siesta, I'm sure it'll be back up just waiting for you. Just remember, the park service doesn't allow 600 mile days in any of their vehicles! :)

  6. Glad Marti's touch-up was a snap. Congrats to Andrew and his team!

    We'll hold down the fort 'til you get back. ;-)

  7. Nice that you can go on a holiday from your vacation and get other things done. Bet you can't wait to get back t your working vacation again, no more pin hunting though.

  8. It sounds like a great place for both of you to hang around and "work". I just want to know what professional driver is going to be sitting in the seat next to you when you take that online driving test??

  9. Howdy Chief,
    Y'all have been on my 'missing' blogs and popped up this morning, so I had to read ALL of the ones since y'all have been WORK-camping on ol' J. Strom's PERSONAL lake; he swallered more $$$$ than anyone, but Sam Rayburn... Have y'all met his 22 year old last wife, he was ONLY 91 when their baby arrived... YEAH RIGHT !!!
    PIN-HUNTING DURING DEER SEASON !!! Y'all do know those REDNECKS are so drunk they can't SEE COLORS and just shoot at sounds !!!
    Is Marti teaching the boys to play BOOGIE-WOOGIE & Jerry Lee Lewis-style piano or 'this is middle C, Place your thumb on it." style???
    The Journey looks ship-shape and ready for DUTY, Sir !!!
    If anybody has the 'world by the tail', y'all do; hope you're also having a HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hope your grandson's continue to enjoy their piano lessons. I think piano is the 'best' musical instrument ever to learn to play.

    I wonder if Strom had cataracts? Don't forget - he's watching you!!

  11. Marti must be a great teacher to have the boys stay interested in piano ...with all their other activities to distract them.

  12. Gee, I hope you both pass the driving test. We wouldn't want you running amuck.

  13. This whole plan sounds like an ideal situation for the fall months. Love that Marti is teaching the grandsons to play piano. I wish my grandma could have done that for me!

    The Strom Thurmond comments are pretty funny. I forgot about his young wives.

  14. Hope your grandsons continue to enjoy their piano lessons, my brother says it is one of his biggest life regrets, the guys at school teased him and Mom let him quit the lessons.