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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roasting Weenies

We made it to Huntington Beach State Park in a convoy yesterday.  Marti and I led, we were followed by George and Laurie in their fifth wheel, who were followed by Mike and Terri, driving their fifth wheel and car.  Not a PDD day, just about 250 miles and six hours.

We all checked in and got set up.  We have a nice, corner site close to all the others in the “Carolina Clan”.


First order of business was finding firewood.  Can’t have any fun without a group campfire.  After a check of Craig’s list, Mike and I set off to a local firewood supplier.  He had some great wood for a very reasonable price.


In no time, we had Mike’s truck loaded to the gills and we returned to start the fun.


Today, (Tuesday) we had two items on the agenda, a swap meet where everyone brought an unneeded item and got a chance to give it away, or pick up an item they’d like to have.  George was the announcer doing his best to glamorize each and every item to make it seem irresistible.


Why, Marti, did you have to pick that???


Terri told Mike all he could take from the swap meet was pictures, if he knew what was good for him.  “Yes, Dear”.


Our special surprise guests, Howard and Linda Payne from RV-Dreams joined in the fun. 

My Photo

We’ve all been to some of their excellent rallies, we invited them to our gathering so they could just kick back, relax and have some fun.

  Howard was nice enough to show his Wilson Cell Phone Booster to some of the guys.  No, he was not doing a Statue of Liberty imitation.


Finally, all the junk, er, lovely items were passed on to new owners and it was time to roast some weenies.  Seems like it brought the boy out in a lot of the guys.


Laurie took lots of pictures of everyone cooking and eating.


We filled up on the hotdogs and all kinds of dessert goodies, then sat around the fire enjoying its warmth and good conversation.


Good thing we’re going to go paddling our kayaks tomorrow to work off some of these extra calories!  :c)

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  1. Nothing tastes quite as good as a hot dog cooked over a roaring fire. Sure looks like ya'll are having a good time. Wish I had known about your "swap meet." I have a whole truck load I'd like to charge!!

  2. Great Fun!! Glad you've got some beautiful weather. It was REALLY cold before we left on Saturday:o( Can't wait to see the pictures of the Sea Eagle Regatta;o))

  3. No item by item coverage of the great things people "donated"??

  4. Nothing like a large group get together. campfire and roasting weenies.

  5. Looks like you had a marvelous time. Enjoy the rest of your "vacation" and have fun wiith those kayaks!

  6. It WAS fun last night. Lotsa laughs and good food too! Looking forward to paddling off all the calories :)

  7. It looks like Marti chose a bowling ball? Better get your pins in order.

  8. He knew I was right and he was wrong. He was sorry. :-)

  9. Sure looked like a good time! Swapping stuff can be interesting.

  10. Hot dogs? I thought with all that fire wood, a pig was about to get roasted:)

  11. I hope you have not calculated the amount of work and exercise you have to do to defeat those horrible calories> That is why I am loosing the battle right now.

  12. Huntington Beach is still one of my favorite places. The causeway with all the birds is so beautiful. The campfire looks great and nothing else taste like a hot dog cooked over flames. Enjoy.

  13. How fun. I really like your 'swap meet' idea.