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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fixing The Tailpipe Woes

If you remember back in September when we were on our way to visit our son, Ryan’s family in their new home in Missouri, the Journey’s tailpipe went missing in action.


After lots of “fun” trying to get correct parts, Ryan and I cobbled together a temporary fix until I could get the right parts and place to make a permanent repair.


It wasn’t a great temporary fix, you can see the pipes didn’t fit together well and despite my cranking down hard on the right clamp, there was still exhaust leakage, you can see it near the top of that clamp.  Plus, it wasn’t really tight.  Looking at driving some distance next week for a week’s get together with some friends at Huntington Beach State Park, SC, I didn’t want to put off the repair.

I ordered a new chrome tailpipe on the Internet and some new clamps were procured locally.

Today, all the planets aligned and I was able to make that repair.  The first thing after removing the temporary pipe was to cut off the distorted part of the exhaust pipe so the new tailpipe would slide right over it.


This time, the cutting went easy.  Instead of using a hack saw like I had to do the last time (it was quite a time consuming struggle), I used my SIL’s reciprocating saw that I borrowed.


That went through the pipe like a hot knife through butter, cutting off the distorted piece,


and leaving me with a straight, smooth pipe to slide the new tailpipe over.


The tailpipe fit right over the exhaust pipe, it has a slightly expanded end to do so.


I hung the pipe loosely in the support bracket with a “U” clamp and then fitted a band clamp around the joint where the two pipes fit together.


After that, I finished tightening the “U” clamp on the hangers, it is all solid now.


The new tailpipe is looking good and shiny (and functional).  I did this repair with aftermarket parts and saved a bundle over using the original manufacturer’s pipes.  Now we’re ready to hit the road.  :c)


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  1. So nice and shiny..I can see you in it!

  2. Good to have it fixed once and for all. See you next week!!!

  3. Wow what a big job. Looks great! Bet you are glad to have it done. You are one handy guy that's for sure.

  4. Great fix and it sure looks pretty!!

  5. Whatever would we do without a reciprocating saw?

  6. Nice fix great that you finally got it done.

  7. Nice job on the tailpipe. Looks as good as new.

  8. That's certainly a nice shiny tailpipe you have. Great job!

  9. Jim does not travel without his saws-all. Uses it for everything. Great job and you saved some money which is even better.

  10. It looks great! Glad you were finally able to get that repair completed without getting too "exhausted."

  11. Good Job! Now you have another established skill you can add to your job resume. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.