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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey, We’re Easy

Don’t worry, we’re not disappointed in our workamping experience here at Strom Thurmond COE Recreation Area.  There will be plenty of time to get involved in other jobs that we’d like to do during our three month stay here.  Both Marti and I, having supervisory experience in our past careers, understand the necessity of higher priority needs taking the place of personal wishes.

Plus, it’s fun to be out and about this amazing Corps of Engineers recreation location.  We are both amazed at the size and amenities offered here.

Today we continued on our safety inspections of T, T & G (Trees, Tables and Grills).


There are literally hundreds of tables and grills located all around Thurmond Lake, with great views.  We looked for loose boards on the tables and rusty grills, some have rusted through, potentially causing burns to unsuspecting persons if coals drop through.

Armed with hammers, Marti and I drove and hiked around one of the huge day use areas, tapping on the bottoms of the grills to ensure their soundness.


Easy work and much more fun that sitting behind a desk, like in Marti’s past career.


Looking sharp in her COE Volunteer vest (I love a woman in uniform), Marti wielded her hammer with expertise.  She even pounded down a bunch of loose nails she found on some picnic tables.  I’m thinking she’s enjoying that hammer!  :c)

We also are keeping our eyes “Ripped” (that’s an Owie word for keeping a sharp lookout) for other problems.  We picked up some trash and also documented the location of a beached buoy for re-setting.


It’s amazing how time has flown while we’ve been out (ahem!) working.  We’ve already finished 18 of our required 20 hours per week and it’s only Tuesday.  I’m thinking we’re going to put in way more hours than required, but we’re having fun, so who cares?  :c)

And Judy, thanks for the offer of borrowing your steel toe boots for lawn cutting duties, but I still have a pair from my Coast Guard days and they still have the spit shine on them! 

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  1. Maybe you better take tomorrow off. You don't want the boss to take advantage of you :)

  2. Watch out or you'll get bitten by the volunteer bug. It can be addicting.

    Guess my boots can't compare with your spit shined ones, but I do have some of the (used) spongy things for your ears that you can have. ;)

  3. Boy that Judy she sure is generous! She also must have really big feet if she could loan you her shoes. Implication intended, I'm assuming you are really behaving yourself since Marti now has a hammer in her hand! Having fun is what it's all about whether you are "working" or playing. Carry on!!

  4. You are just little worker-bees and look at all the back pay you're going to get for those volunteer hours. I wonder if you'll overtime pay for the extra time you put in. Either way zero times zero still equals zero but you're having fun and that counts most.

  5. OK, since you will be visiting most of the available COE camping sites in that area, we would really appreciate your opinion of the best place to camp:o)) We really love having friends in important positions!!!

  6. I hope you have started a spreadsheet of all those tables and grills to track the repair process:)

    1. I have a little green book that I right down the number of the grill or table that needs repair. Then I put it all in a nice document for the ranger to follow up on. I'm keeping a folder in my computer for when he loses the document... ;c)

  7. Hm. That spit shine ain't gonna last long if you're cutting grass with those boots. I have a couple pairs left over from work. There's starting to look pretty nasty, but hey the steel is still in them toes!

  8. I echo Sherry -- you better behave yourself now that Marti is armed with a hammer. ;-)

  9. Have hammer, will travel :) Kind of dating myself there, huh? I hope you're keeping tabs of all the "best" campsites in that park. You could then run a consulting business :) With Mike and Terri, of course :)

  10. So now we know how to find you..look for the red vests through the trees! See you tomorrow... Woohoo! :)

  11. Oh, you get a vest? Well, now I want to volunteer.

  12. You guys are having way too much fun there!

  13. Gotta love having all that fun and free camping too, be careful not to get carried away.

  14. It sounds like you're having fun and getting some exercise to boot.