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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No We Don’t Have To Clean Bathrooms

Hopefully the title answers the questions I was asked from yesterday’s post on our workamping job here at the J. Strom Thurmond Army COE recreation area.  The COE actually contracts out the bathroom maintenance to a cleaning service.

But not to worry, there are plenty of other jobs for us to participate in, except for the whole government shutdown thing.  This morning we and all the other workampers met with the head ranger.

He told us we could stay, but we were not going to be allowed to work until further notice.  Then he left because he was being furloughed.

Then later this evening word was being filtered around that now we were going to be able to start working.  Since that came not officially, I think tomorrow we’ll be able to get some reliable info, one way or another.

In the mean time, the COE is really happy to have volunteers working here and the COE staff goes out of its way to ensure we’re well taken care of.

One thing they have here at the volunteer village is this unassuming building.


The building is the recreation hall for the volunteers.  One of the first things I noticed was this on the side of the building.


It is the antennas for the blazing fast free WiFi for the volunteer village.

Inside the rec hall is some very comfy furniture, a fireplace and satellite TV.


At first we wondered why there was this gym equipment here, but after two pot luck dinners in two nights, the reason has become clear.



Along with large tables for eating and game playing, it has a full kitchen for the volunteer’s use.

Also, a nice laundry room with free washers and dryers,


as well as a bathroom complete with a nice large shower.


Okay, this is the one bathroom we’ll pitch in to help keep clean. ;c)

We’ll see what tomorrow brings and if we can start “earning our keep”.

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  1. Nice site, nice lounge, no work and free WI FI, just the kind of place a retired Coastie might never leave:)

  2. Nice digs. Free wifi. No work. I'll bet your hoping this shutdown lasts for your entire 3 months there.

  3. Boy those are nice amenities for volunteers. But I'm pretty sure Strom isn't responsible for getting them there. LOL
    Now that you've told the world about it, there will be more applications to work there than they've seen in years. :)
    We're at Assateague National Seashore waiting to be thrown out. We were told 48 hours to leave. When I asked 48 hours from when, the ranger said he didn't know, locked the office door and went home. He'd been furloughed. And I guess didn't give a damn. I don't blame him. SO RIDICULOUS! But will we vote the idiots out next time?? Probably not. Enjoy your free time and free site. I think you may be the only ones benefitting from the shutdown.

  4. Glad to hear you are still there :) Nice perks!

  5. Your first day of work and you're already unemployed.

  6. Keeps you guessing and on your toes trying to figure out what you're doing or not doing as the case may be.

  7. Seems kinda crazy to not let you work since you're volunteers. So did the ranger lock up the rec hall and turn out the lights before he left? I'm sure the shutdown won't last long so enjoy it while you can.

  8. At least you get to stay and they didn't kick you out. Sounds like you've got quite a great place to hang out. If all the bosses get furloughed, you're really on your own. Enjoy!!

  9. Well, it was about time you two got a break...nice site, nice perks and no work...way to go;o)) That is such a lovely area and I bet with the leaves starting to change color it will get even prettier!!!

  10. I'm surprised you were left with working WiFi and other facilities... too often locked doors mean just that. Hope it's resolved soon and folks can come and enjoy the autumn leaves.

  11. Sure sounds like a good deal and not even have to work yet!

  12. I doubt you'll be allowed to work until this is over with.

  13. Buy a REAL house and you get comfy furniture, blazing fast wifi and a big shower!!

  14. Buy a REAL house and you get comfy furniture, blazing fast wifi and a big shower!!

  15. looks like a great spot. . .hope you enjoy!

  16. I also am surprised they didn't lock up the clubhouse. I guess they don't want you guys to leave.

  17. Are the campgrounds open? I'm assuming not we have reservations at Petersburg next weekend. We live in Evans which is between Augusta and the lake.

  18. Good siten wifi, building and NOT having to work.