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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Despite all the “work” we’ve done here at J. Strom Thurmond COE this past week, I still found time to work on and line up a few more projects.

Number One on the list was to give the Journey a thorough wash, we drove it from South Carolina, to Missouri and back to South Carolina, collecting dirt and bugs from every state in between. 

Since we had been in the campground in Irmo, SC under heavy trees, the roof was quite filthy.  So I started there.


The slide awnings needed some TLC also.


Up I went with my scrub brush, some Spic-N-Span, my hose and bucket and had a merry little time attacking the dirt.  While I was up there I enjoyed the view of our little, twelve space Volunteer Village campground.


A lot of our neighbors stopped by while I was up there and offered to make their RVs available for bathing after I was done with mine.  Um, no thanks!

Got the roof done, I’m pretty happy with the result.


Of course, all that dirt has to go somewhere, and it did, coating the sides of the Journey.


I had a solution for that, some of my Blue Coral Wash and Wax and a couple of hours later and the Journey is gleaming.  That makes me Happy-Happy-Happy but Tired-Tired-Tired!


It’s nice to step back and see you motorhome is Queen, instead of looking like a dirty old Cow, E-I-E-I-O (I’ve been watching too many commercials on  TV, I guess).

On to new projects.  My tailpipe that I ordered on line arrived.  It’s five inches in diameter and twenty four inches long.


It has the expanded end to slip over the existing exhaust pipe, all I have to do is measure the exhaust pipe and make a cut, leaving enough to fit the pipe on.  The existing exhaust pipe is in good, solid condition.  You can see the expanded end in the next picture.


I have a new band clamp to attach the two pipes together, but I have to track down a  five inch “U” exhaust clamp to fix the other end in the hangers.  That’s going to be fun, clamps that size are not too readily available.  Hopefully I can find a truck repair shop that will have one in stock.

Since I had so much fun cutting my broken pipe off back in Missouri with a hack saw to make a temporary repair, this time I got smart and borrowed my SIL Brian’s electric Saws All.  Should be some smooth hacking this time.


Nosing around Lowe’s, I found a nice piece of wood and some stain to cover up that hole behind my new LP detector.



Just a few projects to keep me busy, when I’m not “working”.  You know what they say about “Idle Hands”.   ;c)


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  1. Don't forget..measure twice, cut once :) The Journey looks quite spiffy!

  2. The Journey looks great! I really think you could carve out a business there in Volunteer Village :)

  3. A couple of hours to wax the Journey. Boy we've never been able to wax the rig that fast. She's so dirty now that a polilsh is going to be required to get her clean enough to wax. If it would just QUIT raining here. It has rained THE entire 7 days we've been here.

  4. Nice job on the motorhome, it looks great! Now how long can you keep it that way?! :)


  5. You've been busy as the devil so to speak!

    Nice job on the roof and the MH, it looks pretty spiffy clean.

    Good luck with that nice shiny tail-pipe.

  6. You are making good use of your spare time, the rig low awesome!

  7. Good deal and nice to be close to family so you can borrow the good tools.

  8. You're quite a little worker bee. First the park gets cleaned up and then the Journey gets done. By the time you leave the COE that whole park will be spotless. They may even ask you to come back.

  9. You are an inspiration! We are doing our pre-travel maintenance since we are hitting the road no later than Thursday. The ladder is at the side of the m.h. and the work begun!

  10. Pretty Journey... she is just sooo shiney!!!