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Saturday, October 5, 2013

We’re Safe Now

Another lovely, quiet day here at the Volunteer Village.  Warm, clear blue skies, with a wonderful, slight breeze.  It doesn’t get any better than this, and we’re enjoying it.  :c)

No work today, we report back on Monday with our job picks, hopefully some of our picks will be available, so we’ve chosen several different ones, just in case.  We have to do our on line driver’s course, so that will take a few hours tonight or tomorrow.

With all this free time on my hands, you know I can’t sit still.  Yesterday, we drove the one and a half hours to our daughter Heather’s house for a visit and so Marti could give grandsons Andrew and Owie their piano lessons.  While she was teaching, I drove to the nearby Camping World and picked up a new LP Leak Detector.


It’s to replace the defective one that is in our Journey.


Opening the package, the new detector has just two wires to hook up, an easy install.  The unit uses 12V battery power to work.  Also note the manufacture date (in red letters), June 2013.  The unit should be replaced after five years.


I unhooked the old detector, it has a plug connector.


Snipped off the wires,


and using a wire stripping plier, I stripped some insulation off the wires for inserting in an automotive wire butt connector.




Typical me, I taped the connections with electrical tape to make sure the connections don’t come apart from vibration.  I just have to overbuild everything, I can’t help it, it’s my German heritage…


I also put the five year replacement date on the unit so I’ll remember to change it out.  Funny, the instructions say to replace the unit five years from the manufacture date, yet on the front of the unit it shows a January 2015 replacement date. Maybe it was manufactured with an older cover?  (Click to enlarge).  I was happy to see the green light, showing that it was working normally.


This unit has a test button, I pressed it and got a loud alarm and a red light.  We’re safe now!


Of course, nothing ever goes easy.  The old detector fit in a hole cut in a wood panel that is too small for the new unit.  I have to get some wood to cover the hole and make it look pretty.  That will have to wait until our next trip into town, about 18 miles from here.


One more item, I made a brace on the piping on the Journey’s LP tank where the fitting came loose.  I think vibration was what caused the fitting to loosen, so I used a “U'” bolt, some rubber and a couple of wire ties to support the piping and dampen any vibration.


We can sleep easier now, knowing we won’t be waking up in mid-air from an LP explosion.  :cD

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  1. With only 2 wires to hook-up that would give me a 50-50 chance of getting it right. I don't like those odds when it comes to possible propane explosions.

    You seem to know what you're doing as the right lights came on anyway. I guess you can sleep safely now (except for those Strom Thurmond Eyes staring at you)!!

  2. Good job on the propane detector, have you replaced the carbon monoxide detector yet?

    1. Yep, replaced that and the smoke detectors, too last year.

  3. You're such a busy little boy but Marti's lucky to have you around because you're so handy too. I wonder if she'll rent you if you get bored and run out of things at your place to take care of. The rest of us might need a few things done. However, I can't say you'd get wealthy on what the rest of us would pay.

  4. Always a good thing to have a handyman around the house. Safety is number one in my book.

  5. My preference is heat shrink tubing in those instances, but electrical tape will do. Nothing worse than having something come loose later on when all it needed was that little extra.
    I doubt too many folks realize detectors need to be replaced at certain intervals.

    1. Bob, you are right and to add insult to my repair, I forgot I carry a variety of heat shrink tubing with me. See, you are not the only one that suffers from CRS!

  6. Very good! You should hold seminars :)

  7. Excellent work Paul. Sounds like you've got every detector replaced and doing its job.

  8. I suppose this is one of those things we should get around to sooner rather than later :) Ours still work but they are older than 5 years. Something to put on the list.

  9. We also replaced all of our detectors last week...our were still working but its recommended they be changed every five thats off our list too :)

  10. Good deal. Hopefully you won't need it again but it is good to have it done when necessary.

  11. I can't wait to see what jobs you get. Maybe Marti can be the official pianist.

  12. We're glad you're safe! Now that that's done we can probably give you some projects over at our rig if you get bored. ;-)