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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now I Want To Drive Off A Cliff

We had a great weekend away, it was fun watching Andrew play football.


And it was heartwarming to see him taking praise from his dad, Brian for a game well played.


Marti’s Friday eye surgery went well, she needed a quick laser touch up on her lens from her cataract surgery last March.  It is a normal thing for about 95% of people our age to have done.  Now she is good to go. 

Funny, my Monday eye checkup from my cataract surgery showed everything is looking good and I should schedule a laser touch up for about next May. 

The touch up is because when the cataract and lens are removed from the eye, there is usually a few cataract cells left behind that are not apparent during the operation.  About six months later, these remaining cells have multiplied and put a slight coating on the new implanted lens.  A one minute or so zapping by a laser clears and permanently removes these cells from the lens.

We made it back to our workamping”home” and tried to see if the on line driver safety course was up and running after the government shutdown.  It was and we both spent an hour of the six hour course last night and then spent five hours today to finish it.


At the end of each of the six sections is a quiz,


and then a final exam.  You need to pass with an 80%.  I got an 80%, Marti got an 84%.  I told her since she is the better defensive driver, she now can do all the driving of the Journey.

She gave me the old “Stink Eye” for that comment.

After suffering through that six hour course, I feel the need to drive off a cliff if I ever have to take it again.  I printed off two copies of my proof of completion certificate.  One to turn in and one to keep for myself in case I have to prove I took it in the future.

So we now are able to drive the government vehicles here at Strom Thurmond COE.  That is a good thing and a bad thing.  I hear there are a couple of rangers looking for us to go out and do some more pin hunting! 


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  1. Yep, that course is a real beaut! But I warned you about that. ;)

    I kept a copy of my passing certificate too. It's good for five years...

  2. Oh dear, 6 hours. YUCK! I hope I never have to take it. But I'd sure like to have that cataract surgery. I have them but my eye doctor said you have to be nearly legally blind before insurance will pay for it. I was surprised since I didn't remember either of you saying you were having a ton of trouble seeing. Oh well..................

  3. Glad the title of your post did not signify something worse going on than the six hour course. Getting the pin hunting assignment again might do it though.

    The cataract surgeries are interesting. Haven't faced those challenges yet, but good to know.

    We booked 5 days at Peterson CG there starting Oct. 30. Need to unload some Argentinean wine.

    1. We'll have to meet up! Just make sure your tanks are empty because the sites are water/electric only. Don't want to fill the tanks too fast with all that Argentinian wine... ;c)
      PS: They do have a dump station right before the check in station.

  4. George and I have something to look forward to...cataract surgery (someday), and the driving course. Should be fun on both accounts!

  5. Getting 80% to pass when 80% is the minimum isn't exactly "acing the course" but a win is a win so congrats.

    By the way, your photo of Marilyn at the end of your post is much preferable to "old beady-eyed Strom"!!

  6. Well it looks like everything worked out really well. I guess they don't realize they have the champion long distance driver on the team. They must be relying on the geocaching experience to find those pins instead ;o))

  7. The good thing is that the test is behind you. I think you need to frame that certificate. Perhaps, with a little photoshop you can change that barely passing grade to a higher one.

  8. That must have been some test! Ron and I took some defensive driving seminar that was supposed to lower your insurance rates. Luckily there was no test, you just had to stay awake.

  9. Now you are certified and able to drive, that make us all feel much safer on the road, have too much more fun.

  10. Good to know you're certified to drive and was driving off the cliff one of the answers you chose. When Dave took the written test when we moved to VT, one of the questions was how close can you follow the fire truck. Since he hadn't read the book his answer was to follow right behind to get through traffic. :)

  11. 80% ????? what in the world are you doing during the "training" online videos? lol

  12. My company made us take that and it took me three times to pass it because I was trying to do it while on conference calls.