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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Attention Military Active Duty and Retirees

If you love Disney World (and Disneyland) like we do, the Walt Disney Company has announced their Salute to the Troops offer for 2011.  It allows active duty military and military retirees to purchase 6 discounted  tickets to their theme and waterparks.  The tickets can be purchased on military bases, Disney World's Shades of Green resort or at the entrance ticket windows (not a good idea because you'll have to pay Florida sales tax there).

The requirements are that the military member or spouse with proper ID cards must purchase the tickets and be present to activate them on the first day of use.

There are also special hotel offers, too for those that might not have an RV or choose not to bring it along.

The details of Disney's offer can be found here.  There are some restrictions so read carefully.

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  1. nice shades..gonna have to get me some!!

  2. Your picture is proof that those shades would look great on bald guys!

  3. Hey Paul and Marti,

    Thanks for the link to my site! Hope you get to use the tickets this year!

    Steve from Military Disney Tips

    A USAFR E-9 (1981-? also)