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Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Quick Weekend

After a great meal with Mike and Terri and too quick of a time visiting, we were sad for the time to end.  Before we left, Mike asked if we'd be interested meeting up for breakfast the next morning with another couple we met at the RV-Dreams rally last April, Jim and Dee (their blog: Tumbleweed).

We went back to our campground at Fort A.P. Hill, careful to obey the base speed limits and signs.

I got to work on the blog at the dinette.  I was adding a stinkbug picture to Marti's post.  As you can see, I was pulling my hair fighting with Blogger and a very slow Internet connection.

We went to Cracker Barrel the next morning and met our RV-Dreams friends, Jim and Dee,

and Mike and Terri.

Jim and Dee kindly answered our questions about their full time experiences, and we had a ball laughing and talking for almost two hours.  Of course, it never fails that Marti gets contacted by her office, this time it was a surprising text message.

All too soon, we were headed back to the Journey.  We checked out of the campground in the rain and headed home.

  I-95 was backed up, so we diverted to a back road and made it home after dark.

We had to leave the Journey parked in front of the house for the night because at our storage lot, you cannot bring your RV in after dark.  The last time we had the Journey in front of the house, it got keyed down the side.  We had no choice, but thankfully nothing happened.

This morning I had some time before my doctor's appointment, so I ran the Journey to the storage lot, in the rain.

Our storage lot is very secure, you have to go through two locked gates to get into the lot.  Even so, I never take a chance,  I lock the Journey's door with both the door lock and the deadbolt.

I also make sure the door step is in the up position. 

If somebody really wants to break into the Journey, they'll be able to do it.  I'm just not going to make it easy for them.

So away I went, leaving the Journey in the storage lot.  I hate to leave it there, but soon, I won't be leaving it behind anymore.

I did score for next weekend.  At our favorite nearby campground, I got reservations for the best site in the whole park, and it's a long weekend, too.  Sometime you win. :c)

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  1. Our time together this weekend definitely flew by way too fast. Looking foward to getting together again real soon!


  2. Oh how nice to visit with the other bloggers. I follow all three of the blogs from all of you, and it's fun to see that you have all gotten together!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Good food, good times, good friends...
    looking forward to being able to do this on a weekday instead of a weekend!

  4. sounds like you ALL had a great time!..glad the Journey is parked safe and sound!..I know it is sad to leave them behind!

  5. Poor little Journey - she probably doesn't understand why she keeps getting locked up when she does her very best to amuse you!

  6. Thanks for the "shout out." It was great to get together with you two and Mike & Terri. You guys hurry up and get on the road so we can plan more fun times together. Cheers! Jim