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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marti's Musings: Can you say heeby-jeeby?

So, the day starts off great, with a cup of coffee, TV church and then meeting fellow RV-ers and new found friends - Mike and Terri and Jim and Dee.  That was a great time, sharing stories and tips, and it makes us that much more anxious for our full-timing days to be here quickly!

Of course, before that, our list of To-Do feels like it is growing.  Everyone we have talked to admits that the 'weeding out' is the worst part of this whole adventure.  Uh-huh - I agree wholeheartedly.  Terri and I are in the same place - we are in the throes of weeding out and getting the house ready to sell.  Ugh!  We commiserate together,  encourage each other while we mentally tick off lists in our heads.  Misery loves company!  

Paul and I have made progress, as now the kitchen/dining/family room has been painted the color recommended by the realtor - tonight when we get home, I have the lovely task of weeding through some of my collections - into keep/give away/sell boxes.  The rooms were finished Friday, but we had been so looking forward to getting away this weekend, I left the mess behind. 

Ok, so why the heeby-jeeby topic?  Well, part of our conversation today was about battling the stink bug issue - along with ants, etc.  So, we get home - and after using our toilet, and  as I was flushing - ewwwww, just THINKING about it...  *deep breath*  a stink bug drops in the toilet!!!!!!!!  As I madly flush, that daggone bug madly climbs UP through the water and hides under the rim - no amount of flushing, even with the hose, gets that sucker down the hole.  EEEEK.  Ok, so now I am mad.  I get out the toilet cleaner and spray that whole toilet down (we probably have the cleanest toilet around) then I get the toilet brush and start scrubbing everywhere, including under the rim.  Still no stink(er) bug!  Where the heck....?  ah ha!  finally it drops down, upside down (ha ha!) in the foaming mess I have now created. Gleefully I flush that stinker away.

So, now I am paranoid - if you read yesterday's post - you saw that I got creeped out finding a stink bug under the hand towel.  (yup, I rechecked there today, and nothing - phew!)  So, I go get my flashlight, thinking there are more lurking, er hiding, in the window treatment or something.  I return, flashlight in and, and look under, over and around anything I can see. Cabinet, counter, medicine cabinet, window, blinds, etc. Nothing. I shut off the flashlight, and right there front of my nose...  ANOTHER one!!!!  grrr.   With great glee, I scoop that sucker up and flush him.

Yeah, so can you say heeby-jeeby? And where is Paul during all this?  He is snoozing on the couch, mumbling something about "I don't know where they are coming from".  Yeah, well, eventually he has to use the facilities, walks in and makes a mock-yell.  Ha ha.  Everyone's a comedian, (just not him).

Me?  I have the heeby jeeby's still, and feel like things are climbing all over me.  Ewwwwwwww.  Isn't that like everyone's nightmare, that something will come crawling out of the toilet??  We now have a whole colony (do stink bugs have colonies?) of those daggone bugs in our black tank.  Does anyone know where they don't have stink bugs in this great country of ours?  That is probably our first destination once we hit the road.  *sigh*

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave a comment. (but not a bug!  LOL)


  1. Never heard tell of such an animal here in Canada. Maybe they don't like the winters anymore than I do. But you are welcome to come up and check for yourself. I'll supply the

  2. Ewwwwww -- dang bugs!! I forgot to tell you that when we got home last night a monster bee dive-bombed me as we were coming into the house. I mean that sucker was huge! Mike went after it with a fly swatter like a wild man. He did everything except scream like a little girl going after that thing. He finally got it. My hero!


  3. Here we only got wood ticks and skeeters... come on up to Wisconsin!

    We will be here waiting---

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Karen - we plan on making a WI trip - we have good friends up there.... perhaps we will get to meet you guys!