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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Mind is Someplace Else Today

Since I lucked out yesterday and got reservations for Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World next March, my mind has been wandering all over the place.  I have many, many happy memories of all kinds of neat places I've visited and incredible sights I've seen and I owe it all to the blessing of having an RV.  The best part is I've been able to share it all with Marti.

We can only imagine how much fun we're going to have when we hit the road full time.

Sorry, no pictures tonight, Blogger has a message posted they are doing maintenance and image uploads are disabled.  Fortunately, there is always tomorrow!

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  1. My mind is always swirling with thoughts of 'when we have the RV'..etc. I'm no good sometimes!

    I'm getting impatient!

  2. We're hoping on Ft Wilderness in March for our anniversary. Please stay in touch, if there's room we'll be there too.

  3. We are also planning to be at Disney World sometime in March, still haven't nailed down the exact time, but we plan to do it during the weekends for us!

  4. W're booked for 13-21 March in a FHU site, so its part os a week and a weekend, the grandkids will arrive Wed to Monday.

    It would be a hoot to see ya'll there!

  5. Wish we could get there March also
    Our first trip as fulltimers will be October 2011 and we are going to the Fort! Hope to meet all the bloggers someday

  6. I feel your excitement! Enjoy the planning and waiting. It is half the fun!