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Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting the Bugs Out

It felt really good to get away, having missed last weekend, it was doubly nice to roll down the road.  Of course, when we turned on to Rt. 95 South, we were there with thousands of our closest friends...all in front of us and crawling along.

We decided to say "Semper Gumby" (Always Flexible) and stop for the night at a welcoming Super Walmart.  They even had painted areas for RV parking.  It was a a handy place for the night because we had to pick up some items.  It only took us four trips into the Walmart before we obtained everything we needed.  You'd think we would use a shopping list, well, that would be a good idea if we remembered to do it.

The next morning, we did a Bob Evan's breakfast, located right next to the Walmart and then we headed out to Kings Dominion Amusement Park, it has a campground right next door.  What better way to let off some steam than ride a few roller coasters?

We pulled in to the campground.

They have a check in kiosk where you get your site.

Across the street from the kiosk is the store where a shuttle comes every 10 minutes to take campers to the amusement park.

The campground is not a luxury campground by any means, they do make the most of their property, squeezing in RVs fairly close together, but then most people come to go ride the coasters and not hang at the campground.

There are nice, wooded tent sites, too.

And cabins.

We snagged a site that we could get locked on to our DirecTV satellite, we do enjoy watching some tv now and then because we're limited during the week.

Marti guided me into the site, a back in.  We're a good team and have our hand signals down pat.  I went to plug in and my Progressive Industries surge protector detected a bad leg on the 50 amp circuit at the electrical box. It prevented power from entering the Journey, where it could have caused damage.  Before I completely set up, we went down to the check in kiosk and told them about the problem.  They said they'd send somebody down right away.  Yeah, right.

Boy, was I wrong, before I knew it, they had three techs and a supervisor at our site.  The techs determined a bad breaker and changed it out quickly.

With that done, I plugged in and set the campsite up for our stay.

The recliners looked so comfortable, I sat down in one and before I knew it, I was out.  Cold.  For several hours.  So much for the idea of going to the amusement park.  Some times, you just have to do the hard thing, sit down and relax instead of run around.

They sell firewood at the store, but we decided instead to use our propane powered portable campfire.  It takes a 1 pound propane bottle and puts out a nice, clean flame.

When you buy a motorhome, you find it has many bugs that take a while to get out, our Journey was typical.  Over the first year, we had a couple of minor "bugs" that were worked out under warranty.  This weekend, we found we had many more bugs in the Journey, not mechanical bugs, stink bugs!

Between the two of use, we must have captured and flushed several dozen.  We have no idea where they came from or how they snuck in to the Journey.  Hopefully, we got all (most) of them.  Ick!

Sunday dawned another beautiful day, we packed up and head home, the longest way we could find.  We rolled through beautiful countryside, past several Civil War battlefields and enjoyed the fall colors of the leaves.  We started to get hungry and found this BBQ place Marti had eaten at several years before.  It was located in a truck stop, so finding room to park the Journey was easy.

There's a happy face.

The portions were huge,

so we took home a large box of left over chicken and ribs.

We arrived home to see the prettiest tree we'd seen all day right in front of our house.

Another weekend trip done, hopefully our batteries are fully recharged and "R Sanity" has been restored.  Where to next week?  Who knows, but that's the way we like to roll. :c)

Before I finish, I have to pass on a hot stock tip.  You want to make some money in the stock market?  Buy condiments, yes, mustard and ketchup.  You see, when we set out for the weekend, we always forget the mustard and ketchup and have to buy more.  Our home refrigerator is getting pretty full.  I promise, buy condiment stock, you'll make money!

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  1. We know all about those stink bugs. You can read all about them on this blog post.

  2. eww to the stink bugs!..nice weekend you had?!!

  3. bwaahaaahaaaahaaa

    You musta been looking in MY fridge!

    We do the same thing.. tee hee

    One time I even borrowed a dixie cup of mustard from some neighboring campers for making potato salad. I brought them some brownies in return.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. So glad you got out for the weekend! Sounds like you had a good time! I remember stink bugs from my childhood back in old North Carolina. Brought back memories. Paul, thanks so much for coming by my blog A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and leaving your comments. I appreciate you following along our journey!

  5. Kings Dominion brings back a lot of memories... So that's a stink bug, huh? I HAVE seen them before. Thanks for the closeup shot.

  6. Haha, Semper Gumby. Good one :) Hey and I figured out a good way to keep Marti off the cell...feed her messy ribs!

  7. Kings Dominion has been there quite a while. We stop there on our way back to PA from Myrtle Beach when our children were 5 and 6 years old. Wow, over 30 years ago and still great memories for us.