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Monday, October 18, 2010

Planning Ahead

Every winter, we make a visit to our favorite campground.

We take our grandsons, Andrew and Owen and their mom and dad.  We have a great time together. 

This year is a little different, Andrew is now in the first grade and we have two windows of opportunity where we can make a long weekend so he doesn't miss too many school days.  One weekend is in January, the other March 2011.  I called last night for the January weekend and the entire campground is sold out!  And it's the slow season of the year.  Huh???

I have to try for the March weekend tomorrow, I got home too late today (surprise) to call.  I hope there is a slot available.  Keeping my fingers crossed and looking for some of that "Disney Magic".

Here's looking forward to a good week and a better weekend.

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  1. OH NO...we are planning a Disney World trip sometime in March and the last we looked it was not booked at all. We may have to pick our dates soon so we can get our reservations in.

    Thanks for the letting us know!

  2. If you were trying to book January 6th - 9th, that is the Disney Marathon Weekend. No Can Do!! That weekend is booked a year in advance.

    Seems there is always some event going on at Disney, but we still love the place!!

  3. Nancy and Bill,

    That is exactly the time frame I was trying to book, we've gone that time every year in the past and never had a problem. I guess the marathon is getting to be more popular.

    Kimberly and Jerry,

    I gave it a try and got the March dates I was looking for! Phew, at least something worked out. I wouldn't wait too long to book. You can book more days now and as it gets closer, call and drop the dates you may not need. You only have to deposit 1 nights cost.