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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progress, No Matter How Slow, is Still Progress

We are making progress on the house.  There's lots of walls and ceilings to paint.  We've finished the kitchen and family rooms with nice "neutral" colors and the new paint really does make the rooms feel bigger.

Now on to the formal dinning room.

Marti met today with a contractor to install new blinds on the windows.  Tomorrow I meet with another contractor to make some minor repairs to some window trim.  We're doing this in between that annoyance called work.  So with all this going on, we're hopefully going to sneak off in the Journey for the weekend and just relax.  Marti has been putting in some long hours and with my work and long commute, it'll be nice to sit around a campfire and veg out.

You hear how much fun it is to live the full time lifestyle but is sure does take some doing to get there! ;c)

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  1. This is a totally unrelated comment - One thing you might consider is joining the Elks and/or Moose lodges. Only one of you needs to join. A lot of them have reasonable places to stay, some even with hookups. I've stayed at both the Elks and the Moose in Manassas.

  2. We're going to look into that for sure. Wanna sponsor us? :c)

  3. I would be happy to sponsor you, but it may be better to get someone local to do it. Another thing, women have lower membership dues in the Moose, the Elks are the same.

  4. You both made for each other, hope your wish will come true.

  5. Hope you guys get away for the weekend!

    Karen and Steve
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