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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back Better, Computer Worser

I'm still stiff a bit, but moving along a little better.  My laptop computer, however, caught a virus, despite having strong Anti-virus software installed, I think it came in through my e-mail, which surpirses me.

I ran a check with my Vipre software and it quarantined the bug, but now I cannot connect to the Internet with the computer's internal modem.  I can get on with my Sprint air card, so I have to spend some time poking around to see what's what.   Marti's laptop works just fine so I know our house PC router is online and working.

If it isn't tinkering with the Journey, it's fiddling with my laptop.  What did people do 100 years ago before all these neat (?) things came into our lives?

Stay tuned!


  1. we talked on the phone and sent postcards and letters!!..glad you are feeling a bit better!!!!
    take it easy!!

  2. Hello,

    If you are still having problems with VIPRE, please take a few minutes to call our free Tech Support department: 877-673-1153.

    If something slipped by VIPRE, we will remove any malware from your PC for free.

    The Sunbelt Software Team

  3. Wow, that is stand up what Sunbelt Software is doing! I'm sure it will get all fixed soon, including your back! Be safe and be good...