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Sunday, November 21, 2010


W.F.W.T.W.  That's what we did today, Wandering from Walmart to Walmart.  Okay, an explanation.

This morning we woke up at the Walmart we stopped at last night and spent a TON of money Christmas shopping.  The only problem was our granddaughter, Taylor,  is enamored with the Care Bears and asked for some for Christmas.  Being the grandparents we are, we decided that we'll get her Care Bears.

A fast Google showed that Walmart carries Care Bears.  Good, we're right here.  But the Care Bears were not.  Or at the next Walmart we stopped at on the way home.  Now we're getting serious, this is a challenge and we grandparents are up to it, even if our wallets are somewhat lighter from the previous Walmart visit.

We zipped home in the Journey, actually more like a fast waddle and did the painful deed.  We winterized it.  The forecast for later next week has much colder weather and possible freezing temperatures.  We were hoping to hold on for another two weeks, but decided a few dollars worth of RV antifreeze is better than a huge repair bill fixing frozen water lines.

Marti pitched in and we firnished up in about an hour, then zipped (waddled) over to the storage lot to put the Journey back in exile.  We'll still use it, just not de-winterize the water system.

We took our leave of the storage lot and pulled out all the stops.  These grandparents don't play nice.  We went to Toys R Us.  We searched high.  We searched low.  We asked where the Care Bears are.  Well, the Care Bears aren't!  Care Bears are a discontinued toy.

Now we're doing the on line search.  There are plenty of Care Bears, at extortionist prices.  We'll pay them, we can't let little Taylor down.  And it will be cheaper than driving the Journey all over the place at 8 mpg. :c)

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  1. You get 8 mpg? That's actually pretty good!

    Last year my grandson wanted a toy that was impossible to find. I did the wfwtw and finally found one that was supposed to be a display model and begged the store manager to let me buy it. It worked!

  2. good luck on the care bear hunt!!!..sounds like you are going to need it!

  3. Care Bears-that brings back memories. I think we may have some in our storage unit-if so, they are worth a fortune-if you count their share of the storage costs :(

    Good luck with the search.

  4. You 'Walmart Waddlers' are the BEST Grandparents:o)

    We know how you feel and you can't let your grandchildren down ;o(

    So, stay on tasks until 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'...

    Be sure to report back, we know YOU CAN DO IT :o)))