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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marti's Musings: Fun Times

We had a good (overnight) weekend away - amazing how time seems to slow down when we are able to slip away.  We were able to kick back, relax and reconnect. 

We are followers of  "All Because Two People Fell in Love ".  They too were active duty military - and spent much time apart.  They put it perfectly - now they want to spend time together, doing something they love: Travel.  That is exactly how we feel - only we weren't able to put it into words so eloquently.

We have an additional motivation.  Our families are spread, literally, across the US.  Everywhere from MA, RI, NJ, SC, OR, OH, PA, CA - the list goes on.  We will be able to spend time together, travel, and visit family we rarely see - and spend LOTS of time with our kids/grandkids - who all live far away and we must squeeze visits into weekends, or bi-annual visits. 

So, this weekend, as we started the winter prep for the RV, we had quite a bit of fun planning and talking about traveling, storage, and simple things like:  Where can we hang pictures?  It sure was fun looking ahead, beyond the move/selling-the-house stress and looking at nooks and crannies and planning how we can best utilize every square inch. We made a stop at Camping World, and expanded our "wish list" - things that we think will be beneficial and help us maximize our space, and make life a little easier.  This is the fun part - but the best is yet to come!

We hope to squeeze one or two more weekends in, before we must winterize the RV.  After that, our focus will be getting ready to sell the house - looking forward to Disney in March - and even better things after that.  Stay tuned - as things progress, we will keep you posted.  Several things still up in the air, but the planning?  That is still fun, and part of R Sanity.  :-)

Thanks for following along with us, we love to read your comments!  ~Marti


  1. When you finish with the USCG, you will love full timing. I retired from the USCG in 1999 and spent seven years in the corporate world and got the heck out when I could.

    We have been full timing for four years. It is a great experience.

  2. I feel your excitement Paul. You are in such a good space! Glad your weekend was a good one. I can almost taste how delicious it was! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. glad you both had a nice is all in the planning!!...we too, think of the items we have now..and which will make the 'cut'..there are only two pictures that I can think of that will be coming with us...and a few other decorative items..and the rest will be necessesities.

  4. Good luck on the hanging of pictures - there isn't a lot of wall space in most RVs....