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Friday, November 19, 2010

Generator Servicing before Rolling Out for the Weekend

I picked up the Journey this morning from our storage lot and brought it over to the house.  On the maintenance list today was servicing the generator.  Oil changes are every 150 hours of use and the fuel filter is replaced annually.  Most of the work is done from underneath the Onan 8KW diesel generator.

There is a small door that opens to give you access to the oil and fuel filters.

You put your fingers into the two square holes and squeeze that catches together to open the door.

The door swings down and opens to the fuel and oil filters.  If you look closely at the picture, in the center you can just make out the oil filter, just to the right of the hose, with the white rectangle on it.  You get access through the door, but it is tight.

I take off the oil filter and before putting on the new one, the important step of oiling the rubber gasket needs to be done so the filter will seat tightly and not leak.  A couple drops of light oil is all it takes.

After installing the new filter, I remove the oil sump drain plug and drain the oil from the generator.  It is thoughtfully labeled by Onan to make it easier to find.

After draining the oil and reinserting the drain plug, I put in 3 quarts of new oil in the dipstick hole on the top of the generator.  I use Shell Rotella T 15W-40 diesel oil. 

With that done, I move on to the fun job, replacing the fuel filter.  The reason it is so "fun" is because you're working under the filter and you have to remove the two fuel lines and then the center nut to get it out.  Gravity jumps in here and the fuel in the lines drains down your shirt sleeves into your armpits if you're not fast enough.

I'm getting better at it, only got the diesel fuel up to my wrists this time.

After buttoning everything up, I test run the generator and make sure there are no leaks.  I like to be sure that the job is done right.  All tolled, it took me an hour, start to finish and I'm good to go for another 150 hours.  Now if I can just the smell of diesel fuel out of my skin.  A long, hot shower is next on the agenda.

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  1. you need to keep the same shirt for this job..otherwise all your sleeves will be oily!!..good job, Paul...just think of the $$ you save!

  2. I do have one set of work clothes that I only use for working on our MH. I'm amazed that most of the oil and diesel fuel comes out of them when I wash them.

  3. So what did you do with the shirt? Phil just did the same thing, put the shirt in a plastic bag, and it hasn't been seen since. Hmmmm.... Do you think maybe I threw it away?