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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just Chillin'

It was nice to sleep in this morning, even if it was in our house instead of the Journey.  But it was out front, ready and waiting for us to go.

About 9 we pulled out and did our breakfast thing at Mimi's Cafe, Marti's favorite.  Then it was let's, which direction?  We went South last time, how about West?  That worked, we hit Rt 66 and drove away with the Skyline Drive mountains off in the distance.

We pulled off to hit a Walmart for some food items and then hopped back on Rt 66.  We tossed a few ideas of where to go back and forth and decided to go to a fairly close to home campground, Candy Hill in Winchester, VA.

We asked for a nice open site so we could get satellite TV with our dome on the Journey's roof.  Sometimes I don't feel like dragging out the portable dish to hit the satellite signal.  Okay, call me lazy.

The dome locked on the satellite quickly and we were up and running.  With our DirecTV we also have music channels and that was what we tuned into, nice music as we relaxed, napped, read books, or in Marti's case, played her Nintendo DS.  Did I mention she's a video game addict?

She loves the games because she can forget about work and concentrate on saving the world from evil villains.  She says it helps her relax.  Video games don't help me relax, I'm so bad at them I'd be pulling out all my hair in no time.

We took a little walk around the campground, they have a nice little store and a neat idea for firewood.

Five bucks for a milk crate of wood or $25 for a whole trailer load delivered to your site.  Think of how many marshmallows you could burn with that much wood.  We didn't buy any wood, though.  I'll show you what we did buy, keep reading. 

Speaking of firewood, here's a picture of Owen from last weekend enjoying a fire in the fireplace in their new house in South Carolina.  It was on my camera's memory card and  I thought it was cute.

Tonight we cooked supper in our new toaster oven.  We have a microwave/convection oven that we just can't seem to get to work right as an oven, so we bought this and it worked great.  Now we can bake cookies! :c)

Now for what we did buy at the store, a scented candle.

We're trying to counter balance the blasts of "air freshener" that Zoe, the Wonder Dog shares with us.

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  1. That picture of Owen by the fire is great! I like the picture you painted with words of you two relaxing. Sounds great. And I laughed out loud about the air freshener. I hope your weekend continues to be very pleasant.

  2. nothing like the smell of 'poochie flatulance' in a confined space!..enjoy!..I think I would have paid the $25 for the fire..a ripsnorting fire is the way to go!..smores here we come!!..I love the smell of campfire on my clothes and in my hair!!!

  3. I also have a toster oven and do a lot of my baking in it. What the heck are you feeding Zoe?? Good thing you have that candle!

  4. Zoe gets doggie food, but admittedly, she gets left overs, too. I guess people food causes doggie flatulence? Ha ha. Thanks for your comments!

  5. We stayed in this park in the spring while visiting a fellow Coastie in WVA for his birthday.

    We did not get much of a feel for the park but we heard a number of concerns about how it was run.