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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Post Script

We left for home Sunday morning after breakfast with Corey and Amanda.  Knowing that it was going to be a high traffic day, we chose to drive home through Pennsylvania instead of going down the Jersey Turnpike - 95 - 495 corridor.  We were going to miss all the traffic...Not! 

After too much bumper-to-bumper driving, we stopped at Cabela's in Hamburg, PA.  Cabela's is a huge sporting goods chain of stores and in many locations allow RVers free overnight parking.  Along with hunting and fishing gear and almost anything a sportsman could possibly want, they have huge displays of wildlife that has been stuffed and mounted as they'd be seen in the forests and plains.

This turkey missed the Thanksgiving table, but got stuffed anyway.

Here's a giant Grizzly Bear.  Is it Sarah Palin?

But our favorite thing at Cabela's is their homemade fudge.  Yep, in dozens of flavors.  We bought Snickers and Milkyway Dark fudge to sweeten our ride home. :c)

We received some comments and emails on yesterday's post from people that wanted to see some of our Sandy Hook memorabilia.  Here are two of our favorites:

A painting of the Sandy Hook Light done by a friend of Marti's.

This is a foot tall version of the light.

It lights up.

They're both coming with us in the Journey when we hit the road.

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  1. we love Cabela's ..but there is a story there..that was the place that we met Bruce and Margie for lunch in it bittersweet to here that you went there!..hope the fudge was 'sweet'!!!
    nice memorabilia to bring will fit right in!!

  2. sorry that should say 'hear'..can't spell or type!!

  3. Glad you two are home safe and sound.

    We enjoyed your posts about Sandy Hook, NJ. We spent much of our youth at the other end of the Jersey Shore...Stone Harbor and Wildwood. Such great memories!!

    But now it is time to make some new memories ;o)))

  4. Cabela's is fun. But what was with the moose on it's side beside the bear? Is that how it is in the wild? Hey, thanks for those shots of the memorabilia of Sandy Hook. I like how the lighthouse lights up. I think that will be nice during the holiday season, huh? You take care you two love birds! See ya!

  5. I wonder if they offer a campsite if you want to volunteer as a lighthouse keeper? I can't remember what blog I read a while back, but they did it on the west coast.


  6. The RV dealer we visit frequently is right across from Cabela's - boat and RV world. Have quite a bit there.

    Cabela's is a cool place too!

  7. I love Cabela's and have been to many, but I never knew about the fudge! WOW!