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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Set the Snowball Rolling

A simple click of the mouse.  That's all it took.  After several months of back and forth debate and looking at options, Marti and I decided to go ahead.

I emailed my official Request for Retirement letter to my supervisor, who is in Georgia.  My hard copy with my signature will follow in the mail.  This starts my request winding its way up the chain of command for approval.  After a few weeks I expect to get an approval to start my retirement process. 

There is a whole bunch of items that will need to be taken care of, physicals, record updates, transfer of responsibilities, etc.  It will end with my final day in the Coast Guard on 31 August 2011.  On 1 September 2011, I will officially be a civilian again after more than 30 years.  Might take a day or two to get used to.

With my accrued leave time and out-processing days, I will be done with work around 1 July 2011.

We will have the house on the market next March and will be keeping our fingers crossed it will sell quickly.

So, the Snowball is rolling and when it hits the bottom, we'll put it to good use, chillin' out as we hit the road. :c)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Looking forward to being out on the road with you!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Big step, but a nessary one to get you to your dream.

    See you in April.


  3. Congrat. Paul and Marti looking forward to meeting you down the road some day

    John and Brenda Brown
    (John and Brenda's incredible Journey)

  4. congrats on finally clicking the mouse!!..good for the two of you!!


    That is so exciting and now the transition really begins :o))

    So when is Marti clicking her mouse? ;o)

    We will be retired as soon as we sell the house... unfortunately, that is taking longer than planned ;o( So don't wait too long to put the house on the market.

    We wish you only the BEST!!

  6. YaHoo!!! That's about my time frame too. My projected last day of work is July 31, 2011. I can turn in my paperwork on April 1. That must be a special feeling. Congratulations!! Come on Marti, we want to hear from you. Your last day?


  7. Woohoo for you!!! How exciting & scary at the
    same time :-)

  8. Hey, guys! Wow! Such a response! Thanks for your support and encouragement! My last day? No idea at this time - I need to continue to work until the house sells - after that, I will be free to put in my letter. Of course, things could change at any time, but we are expecting my retirement to coincide with Paul's but there is ntohing definate at this time. I will keep you posted! ~m

  9. Congrats on your retirement. 30 years is long enough. I think you will find that you will transition will little problem.

  10. Congratulations...welcome to this wonderful world of traveling, full-timing, or whatever you choose to call it.

    Looking forward to meeting you both one day down the road.

  11. Congrats on finally taking the plunge. Are you going to grow a beard like all of my military buddies did as soon as they retired? After 30 years you have earned a very well deserved retirement. I guarantee you that you will not miss it one bit as you will be too busy having fun.

  12. Great news! See you down the road...