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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've Gone Deaf

Friday afternoon found Marti and I, along with her assistant, Brittany, heading south from our home in Northern VA to Roanoke, VA.  Every year, Marti's company has a really nice Christmas party at a location in Roanoke, where the company headquarters is located.  It means it is a four hour drive one way for us along with an overnight stay.  But the spread they put on is worth it. 

We didn't want to sit too near the head table so we found our seats at a table off to the side and enjoyed some delicious food.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice this huge speaker right next to our table.  During the meal, soft Christmas music played in the background and it was very pleasant.  But later, when the dancing started and the volume got cranked up...way up, well the fillings in my teeth started vibrating.  My ears are still ringing.  I've gone deaf. ;c)

It is amazing the twists, bends and contortions people can get themselves into when the music starts.  I'm not a dancer so I sat and watched.  Brittany dragged Marti out on the floor a couple of times and tried to teach Marti some moves.  It was pretty funny to watch.  I tried to take some pictures, but with the darkness in the room broken up with bright flashing lights and people shaking and twitching all over, well, nothing came out...go figure.

This morning, Marti and I (sans Brittany who drove home with a girlfriend) headed home.  We decided to take another stab at Christmas shopping.  We stopped at the Camping World in Roanoke just off Rt 81.  It is a very large, well supplied store with a huge lot containing many RVs for sale.  We walked around and found a great Christmas present for our daughter Heather.  We know she'll really like the ____________________.  I'd tell you, but she reads the blog and what kind of a Christmas surprise would that be for her?

We noted that many signs along Rt 81 advertising campgrounds had a large "CLOSED" sign plastered over them.  They must close for the season because most RV snowbird traffic does not travel south on this highway. 

We are looking forward not only to this Christmas but next year's too, when we'll be celebrating in our fulltime RV home. 

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  1. I am a watcher too when it comes to shaking a leg. The sauce on the right is a Chipotle sauce and I thought it was interesting enough I bought a bottle, but not a gallon sized one, it wasn't that interesting

  2. maybe earplugs next time would be a good thing!..glad you enjoyed your little overnight trip!