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Friday, December 17, 2010

Norcold Calls and Where Are We (Part Two)

I received a letter from Norcold about the refrigerator recall a couple of weeks ago.  I filled in the serial numbers of my unit and mailed it back.  Then I made an appointment with my local RV dealer to get the recall done, they ordered the parts.

Today there was a message on my voicemail from Norcold following up.  They confirmed my refrigerator is indeed part of the recall and strongly urged me to unplug my unit, no big deal because it is shut down for the winter and in the storage lot.  I do not have access to electricity there so there is no problem with a fire hazard.

Norcold offered to find me an RV repair shop if I could not find one.

So my impression of Norcold is mixed.  First I think they have exhibited good customer service to ensure the safety of their units.  But on the other hand, I wonder if they realized the severe danger and downplay it somewhat to avoid lawsuits.  At any rate, I'll be glad to get it done and not have to worry about fried Journey. :c)

Now, clue number two in the Where Are We quiz.  It doesn't cost anything to play and guesses, no matter how wild, are free.  Wrong guesses will not be held against you.  Here's clue number two:

It is a statue of George Washington.  He is standing a few blocks down from here.

Go ahead...guess.  If you don't like Chocolate Cheerios, I'll send the person with the first correct answer the Cheerio flavor of their choice!

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  1. Hmm, I was gonna guess NYC yesterday, but I wanted to wait for one more day :) NYC?! :)

  2. Why are you in NYC? It's too early for New Year's Eve.


  3. Statue of George Washington is in front of Federal Hall, New York City, Wall Street
    I will take the chocolate cheerioes if I win..we can't get them in Canada yet!!

  4. Where were the horses in the previous post? I know I've seen them somewhere.