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Friday, December 3, 2010

Marti's Musings: Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Part 2

Yes, we are mightily blessed with having a daughter who is willing to come help weed out the basement - after I 'sticky' everything I want to keep.  The tough stuff now begins, and I will be going shopping for lots of sticky's ie: 'Post It 'notes.  The piles will begin - trash, give away for family, donations and (hopefully) sell.

Not only is she going to get down and dirty with us in the basement, Heather has also volunteered to sell things on Craig's list for us!  All she needs us to do is take pictures of items we want to sell, email the pictures to her, and she will do the rest - until time we need to meet up with the buyer to collect the money.  W.O.W.!!

She has also offered to store things we want for later on, once we settle down again - you know, those irreplaceable items.  Our youngest son has volunteered to help on a weekend to help drive junk to the dump.  Our eldest son, unfortunately, is on the west coast - so supports us remotely.

All this is re-confirmation of why we are so eager to hit the road, and spend time not only with our 'grand-treasures' but our wonderful kids. 

Yes, thank heaven for little girls. And little boys.  And being blessed beyond measure with both. 

Let the games begin... box, by sticky, by bag, by truck loads.....  and we're off!    (YIKES)  ~Marti


  1. I really sense your excitement and feeling of family LOVE!!!

  2. Great Post...
    Great Family...
    Great Times in the making!!!

  3. Once you get through this, you will be SO happy.
    Good luck,
    Fred & Jo

  4. Wow, that IS sweet! I wouldn't touch my Pop's messy garage with a ten foot pole :) You must have done a better job of raising YOUR daughter! hehe!