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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preventing Toast

No, this doesn't have anything to do with toast, or bacon and eggs for that matter, even if it sounds good.

The toast I'm preventing is on our Journey.  If you remember back a couple of weeks, I posted about the Norcold refrigerator recall that has gone out to the RV world.  Evidently there is a serious defect in the Norcold cooling units that have been installed in about 156,000 + units that are found in many RVs, across brands and model years.

Norcold found that the cooling units, starting to fail, can cause an overheat condition and catch the refrigerator on fire, and unfortunately, take the RV with it.  Sort of like a chimney fire in a house.

Norcold's fix was a relay to shut power off if it sensed a high heat level and installed this fix on thousands of RV refrigerators.  The only down side to the "fix" was that it didn't work.  Sadly, some RV's got "toasted" because of it.

If you've already had your Norcold refrigerator upgraded, you need to listen up, it's important...honest!

Norcold has come out with a second recall, part of it fixes the previous fix and the recall has been expanded to cover even more models and manufacturer years. The original recall repair did not work because it was found that it did not disconnect the power fast enough to prevent a fire.  I checked out the serial numbers on our Journey's refrigerator and attached cooling unit and it is included in the newly expanded recall.

The recall is a freebee to the RV owner, no charge at all.  What you have to do is contact your RV dealer with the serial number of your 'fridge, located inside and the serial number of the cooling unit, located on the back of the unit, you can see it by removing the access panel on the outside of your RV.

I made a visit to my RV dealer, they are ordering the parts and will call me when they are in, probably after the first of the new year.  Not a big deal because we're not using the Journey right now.

More information about the Norcold recall can be found here. 

So, check your Norcold refrigerator and keep your toast with your bacon and eggs.

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  1. that is great! are so informative..I like mine lightly toasted! in bread..not an RV!..have a great day!..good luck with getting the fridge fixed properly!!

  2. So glad nothing has happened with the fridge and RV to date. Makes me think of the Toyota Matrix that we bought almost three years ago. So many recalls and safety problems! Continued safety wishes for you and for us!

  3. Thanks for the good information. We checked and we don't have one of those models. Whew!