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Sunday, December 5, 2010


With so many things to get done, the only way I can keep track is to write lists of items.  Things that need repair on the house (like the leaky kitchen sink that kicked my butt and after several hours and a number of new parts, it leaks worse)

 and maintenance items on the Journey.  Just added a new item, make an appointment with the RV dealer to do the recall on my Norcold refrigerator, so I don't have the Journey turned into a giant, roasted marshmallow.

I have to do the one job on the house I hate...get up on the roof and clean the gutters.  I don't mind the front gutters, they are only two stories high and there are bushes to break my fall, but the back ones are three stories high with only hard ground waiting for me if I slip.  I'm not fond (scared) of heights, that's why I joined the Coast Guard instead of the Air Force, you spend more time at sea level.  ;c)

Then there is the all important Christmas list, presents to buy the kids, the office workers (Marti's staff) and especially the grandkids.  Of course, no matter how hard we try to stick to the grandkids list, when we go into the store, we find even more items to buy for them, shopping for the grandkids is like being on crack, you just have to buy more and more, you can't help yourself.

Then there is the list of things I'm getting Marti for Christmas, like _______ and _______.  I'd tell you what the things are, but she proof reads the blog.

So lists are how I keep my life organized...sort of.  Some how, I keep misplacing them.  Duh!

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  1. Good luck with the Norcold fix. I heard they are out of parts and backordered.

  2. We're big on 'White Boards'...

    That's where the list gets made. If it is not on the list it doesn't get done or bought. Unless, as you astutely pointed out, you are shoppping for the grandkids.

  3. Having taken a header on a ladder already, I would find someone to do that for you. Paying to have it done is so much easier than that few seconds it takes to hit the ground.

  4. I vote for paying someone to do the back ones!!..just think if you fell..! is short..what's a few hundred dollars ..I like my feet on the ground too!!