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Friday, December 31, 2010

It 's Been a Great Year

2010 is in the History Books.  Personally for us it has been a great year, made all the better by getting to know so many RV friends via our and their blogs, even having a chance to meet a few. 

The RV Dreams Rally this year was and contiues to be the catalyst that drives our full time dream forward.  We learned so much, had so much fun with new friends and best of all, we started our blog documenting our preparations toward our dream.  RVers are the most friendly and enouraging bunch of people we've ever met and we hope that we can be as encouraging to others, too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, may 2011 be the year your RV Dreams come true!


  1. Happy New Year Paul and Marti!


  2. Happy New Year!!

    What an exciting NEW YEAR this should be...can't wait :o)))))

  3. Happy New Year, Paul and Marti..we wish you joy,happiness, good health and safe travels in 2011!!

  4. Happy New Year! May your dreams come true in 2011!

  5. Happy New Year's you two!! So glad we found each other's blogs :) It's been fun being blog buddies together!


  6. Happy New Year Paul and Marti all the best in 2011. Hope we will be seeing you on the road next fall.

    Don't forget to put Canada on your list of places to go!!!

    John and Brenda Brown