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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank Heavens for Little Girls

This is our daughter, Heather (our little girl).  She is our oldest child and lives with our son-in-law Brian and our two grandsons, Andrew and Owen in South Carolina.

Heather has done something wonderful for us...she has volunteered to come up with Andrew and Owen to our house the week before Christmas and go through all the boxes in our basement and dispose of unneeded items.
It is a good thing for us because she has no emotional attachment to most of the boxes and things stored there.

She's going to go through 33 years of Christmas decorations, too and whittle everything down to one container.

She is also going to teach her technology challenged Dad how to use Craig's List and something called "Free Cycle".  I thought Free Cycle was what you did when going downhill on your bike...

I'd post more pictures but I have exceeded my free Picasa storage capacity, so I have to purchase more space (20 GB) for a whopping $5.00.  It takes 24 hours to install, so you'll have to use your imagination about more boxes in the basement. ;c)

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  1. Wow...Sounds like a great plan... She does the work and you play with the grandkids ;o)

    You are one lucky couple to have a daughter so kind!!

  2. I can see yard sales in your future. Price it low so it'll go!


  3. I, for one, am glad he couldn't take more pictures! Gin/Syl - I think we won't have time for yard sales, all must be gone by the time the house goes on the market, which will likely be before yard sale time of year... Nancy/Bill - yes, we are very blessed to have a daughter as wonderful as ours! (we have great DILs too! as well as a great SIL) ~marti

  4. daughters are the best..especially ones willing to help you get out of the house and on the road!!

  5. That is a great offer. We did it all ourselves and there was an occasional discussion of worth of proposed toss outs. A caring but independent person will definitely make the task easier.

  6. It all sounds like a wonderful reason to get together and just before Christmas too. I know you guys are going to have a very great time together. Sifting through old boxes can be fun. Just think of all the pictures you can make with the finds! Marti and Paul, thank you so much for all your support and kind comments on my blogs. I really appreciate you!