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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Boys Are Here!

Our grandsons, Andrew and Owen arrived this evening with their mom Heather (our daughter) all the way from South Carolina, about a nine hour drive.  They're here for a couple of days to help us with cleaning out the basement.

"Mimi" Marti with Andrew and Owie

We did a fast pizza dinner and played some Wii, then they went off to bed.  They'll have a busy day tomorrow but these young guys have a lot of energy to burn.

They'll be here until Thursday, then we're going to follow them back down to SC and spend Christmas Weekend with them.  Can't wait.

We're sad that we won't be out in Oregon this Christmas with our son, Ryan and his family, DIL Amber and granddaughters Taylor and Kierra.  Marti gets teary eyed just thinking about it, but I've re-assured her that next Christmas, we'll be with them even if I have to pull the Journey there on the end of a rope.

Just wanted to say Thank You to all our followers and readers for taking an interest in our journey to full time RV traveling.  You comments and emails have been such a tremendous encouragement to us and we look forward to the day when we can meet you in person on the road!

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  1. It's easy to get rid of things when you realize how much less stuff your family will have to go through when they are settling your estate. I mean this in a nice, positive way. Really...
    When my Mom downsized after my father died, she looked at "stuff" differently. She thought "Would anyone want this when I die?" and that made it easier for all of us.


  2. With all that young energy, the basement will clean up fast.

  3. enjoy the time with the 'boys'!!..I like the comment with regards to 'stuff'..I can remember when Doug's dad passed away and we had to go and clean out the house..only a few things made it out..the rest was just 'stuff'!!