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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marti's Musings: Getting there....

So, we have made some serious progress this week.  Heather and the boys have all but cleared out the basement.  Unfortunately, both boys got sick, so we never did get to the Christmas decorations.  I will have to work on the solo, and make up boxes for each kid. 

It has been a sentimental journey.  Heather found her favorite baby doll, as well as many other memorabilia.  Both boys have requested certain items that we found.  Heather kept in touch with them during the day, to make sure nothing was thrown out that was of value to anyone.  We have one corner that has things we will be storing for later on.  (not bad, eh?)

We had done a bit of going through before she got here, and boy! am I glad we didn't just randomly throw out boxes that we hadn't looked through in the 12 years we have been in this house.  Within those boxes I found a wedding pic, many year books, as well as countless other irreplaceable items and photos.  Admittedly, there was TONS of 'junk', but among that junk was certain treasure.  I gladly spent hours going through the things, and as tiring as it was, it was sooo worth it. 

So, although the basement is not finished, it really will only take another day or 2 to lug the 'give away' piles, and then box up the 'save' items.  Looks like there will be a couple of additional trips to SC with a UHaul for the items that will be stored with her.  We will bring some things this trip, but for some reason, our vehicle is full of.... gifts...  (not that we have a problem buying things for the grandkids or anything).

So, as 2011 draws near - the reality of what is ahead is becoming more of a certainty than a dream.  That is exciting, as well as sentimental for me.  It is sad that my grandkids will not be visiting us in the house again.  They have loved coming here, and that causes me to pause...  BUT, as Paul (as he is rolling his eyes) reminds me we will be able to see them for weeks or months at a time, rather than these quick visits, that are heart wrenching...  Agreed, but there is still a corner of my heart that will be left behind here in this humble home, the first home we bought, after years in base housing... 

Yes, my memories will come with me, and a piece of me will be left behind.. but surely, it is on to bigger and better...  So, as we head south tomorrow, we will enjoy every second of our visit with the kids.  And remind ourselves that one trip south very soon will be for an extended visit, should we choose. 

Looks like we will be driving back in snow (ugh)  - and even as I have been writing this post, I have received about 10 texts from work.  Yeah, I know - that sentimental weakness will be drowned out by shouts of "yeah!" when we finally can retire, leave behind our crazy jobs, and focus on what is really important in this life. 

Faith.   Family.   Friends. 

Merry Christmas, folks.  We love getting your feedback.  May you have a blessed holiday, and a year ahead focusing on the things that are truly important.  God bless, ~Marti


  1. so jealous that you are finally getting some sorting done..and knowing that soon you will be on the road!!!..we can only dream still..

  2. Hi Marti and Paul,
    Great progress guys!! Woo Hoo! You are getting there. And moving on always has some sadness with it. Not easy to say goodbye to your home. Treasue your sadness for it means you've had happiness. And onward you go! Happy Holidays. It's almost Christmas. Drive safely and watch out for the other guy!

  3. Merry Christmas to the two of you and we look forward to meeting you down the road.

  4. Merry Christmas to you both. It's been fun getting to know you this year. Have fun with Heather and the boys and I hope to meet up with you on the road before the next year is out!