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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up and Running Again

My laptop has been healed and is working beautifully again.  Phew!  I sure don't like it when my laptop gets sick and it surely was.

Thanks to the technical support from my computer anti-virus software, VIPRE, two Trojans that had infected my computer were located and removed.  The computer got hit with an attack that evidently came in through a forwarded e-mail, disabled my firewall and shut down my access to the Internet.  The tech said this was a new virus that he had not seen before and they'd take action to prevent it from happening again with an update.

I can't understand what motivates people to sit around and come up with new ways to mess up other people's computers.  They need a life or something.

So we're back in business, stay tuned!


  1. Back Better...

    Computer Better...

    Life is GOOD!!!

  2. glad to hear you are back up and running!..nothing worse than a computer that doesn't work!!..well, maybe a bad back??