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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Victory and a Defeat

We found them!  Actually, Marti tracked them down on line, Care Bears for granddaughter Taylor.  Marti also found a bunch of Care Bear DVDs.  Little Taylor will be happy this Christmas.  I am too.   As much as we like driving the Journey around, it's not the most economical shopping cart, even at 8 mpg.  So a victory. :c)

Yesterday, when we took the Journey back to the storage lot, because it is going to sit for a month or two,  I had to shut down the main house power switch and the chassis power switch.  With all the little sensors and alarms that are wired to both sets of batteries, they add up enough of a power draw to run the batteries way down if left on.  The house switch is right on the dashboard.  The chassis power switch is in back of the Journey, inside the engine hatch.

If you remember a couple of weeks back, I found the engine hatch fiberglass had started to come loose from the hatch frame and I used some heavy duty epoxy to bind the two back together.

Well, the epoxy failed and the parts came apart again.  A defeat. :c(

However, I don't give up easy.  I've already figured out that I'll use some JB Weld, I've read it is one of the best 2 part epoxies on the market.  I'm also going to get some stainless steel screws, drill holes around the edges of the frame after I put on the new epoxy and screw the two parts together.  I don't think the hatch will come apart after that. 

 I'll turn a defeat back into another victory, but now with all the holidays coming upon us, the real trick will be finding the time to do it.

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  1. congrats on the Care Bear happy girl on Christmas Morning..way to go, Gramma!!1

  2. Winnebago must have issues with their bonding of certain parts. I have had to re-attach the generator cover three times so far on my Meridian.

    I guess now I can look forward to the engine cover, as well.

  3. How fortunate those little grands are to have someone hunt for Care Bears for them! Those RV's - It's always something (to fix)!


    We are so proud of you and know your grand-daughter will be one happy young lady this Christmas :o)

    It makes me smile right now thinking about her reaction when she opens her present...

  5. Really enjoy your blog. Especially the details to the things you do to the RV.
    I was thinking sheet metal screws too when you mentioned the epoxy failed. That tells me there is a lot of vibration and possibly heat involved. Have you considered when you use the sheet metal screws to bond them with loc-tite so they do not vibrate loose?
    Happy Thanksgiving.... G